Planning for Fall Break by Jennifer Waters

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The cool breezy air, crunch of leaves underfoot, and feel of excitement in the air make fall a special time. For many families though, including my own, it is also a time of transition from the slower summer pace to a busier routine with school, sports, and other family and church activities picking back up. By mid-October, we are so tired that we often wish it was summer again! That’s why when the first break of the school year rolls around, we are ready for it. Fall Break here we come! The only question is what are we going to do? To capitalize on the opportunity to re-energize and reconnect, everyone needs to enjoy the break.

The key is to let everyone help plan! Try dividing up the time and assigning family members a time frame to be responsible for planning. Just be sure to leave some open time for relaxing and unplanned activity, as well. Discuss parameters, such as price limits, travel distances, who must be able to participate, and any other specifications you feel necessary. Then, let them loose to start planning!

For young children, you may need to help them think of options, but leave the decision up to them. For older children, let them brainstorm and research independently. Provide assistance only when needed. Mom and Dad should ponder ideas for an assigned time, as well. When all the brainstorming and planning is done, convene a family meeting to share and discuss.

Ask each person to present their top idea to the rest of the family. Unless the idea really isn’t feasible, such as going to Disney World when you said you had a budget of $10 per person, get excited about it and go with the idea they chose! Then, make a schedule and get started!

Do you have plans for Fall Break?


Jennifer L. Waters is a writer, childhood adventure planner, and mom of two energetic boys, ages
6 and 4. She and her family live in Statesboro, Ga.


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