Dealing with Bullies by Felicia Thomas

Felicia Thomas wrote the article "Middle School Madness" in the September 2012 ParentLife. There she outlined how to avoid bullying; here, she talks about what to do if it happens anyway.




Teach your child to do the following if he experiences bullying

  • Avoid areas where bullies hang out. Navigate the hallways of the middle school with friends and avoid routes that pass through bully territory.
  • Ignore the bully. If a bully tries to bother your child, tell him to walk away to an area with more kids and adult supervision.
  • Stand up to the bully. Sometimes walking away fails to work. Teach your child to de-escalate the situation by turning the insult into a joke or being nice to the bully. If this does not work, your child should confront the bully by looking the bully in the eye, speaking up, and telling them to leave them alone. Practice this at home with your child.
  • Tell someone right away. If your child is bullied, encourage him to tell a teacher or administrator right away.

Has your child experienced bullying? What is your advice to parents about it?

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