Candy Making for Kids with GIVEAWAY!

Ready to have a bit of a sugar coma just from looking at a cookbook?

That, my friends, is Candy Making for Kids by Courtney Dial Whitmore, the author of the popular entertaining site


Candy Making for Kids


From the Skittles-colored backgrounds to the powdered sugar-heavy concoctions, everything about this small cookbook spells fun. Thirty recipes are included, and none use a candy thermometer, making it easy for your little helpers to work alongside you in the kitchen.

Sweet holiday treats like peppermint patties and marshmallow candy corn make way to candy play-dough and rice cereal caterpillars. The book ends with elegant candied rose petals, for a special party touch.

This cookbook would be great fodder for a birthday party or give you something to do on a rainy afternoon. Either way, your kids will go ga-ga … and, let’s be honest, probably have an insane sugar high.

We’re thrilled that the publisher has given us one copy of Candy Making for Kids to give away to our readers. So answer this question in the comments for a chance to win: what is your favorite thing to cook with your kids?

A winner will be selected at random August 31, 2012. LifeWay employees are not eligible to win.  



  1. Sallie E. says:

    My daughter especially enjoys helping me make cakes. 🙂 I especially enjoy spending time with her, no matter what we are doing!

  2. cake pops/cake balls

  3. I enjoy cooking with my boy! We like to bake cakes together and this summer one of his chores was making a meal. He made spaghetti for us. It is fun to teach him a few tips when we cook together.

  4. Kyle Abel says:

    We enjoy baking cookies together!

  5. brownies!

  6. If this is international, I’d love to win. No kids for more than a few years hopefully, but got a lot of cousins this would be perfect for!

  7. any type of dessert

  8. I love making cut out sugar cookies and muffins with my kids – and I’m really enjoying teaching my oldest child more complex things in the kitchen – he’s getting to be a big help.

  9. My son likes helping me make pancakes and I’m also teaching him to make grilled cheese.

  10. We like to make homemade pretzels!

  11. I love making baked goods with my daughter. As a matter of fact, we’re making banana bread this evening!

  12. Baked goods or breakfast. Of course, sometimes they’re the same thing:).

  13. My favorite thing to make with my son is Rice Krispie Treats.

  14. Erin @ Making Memories says:

    I live cooking with my kids. Our favorite thing to do is bake together. We bake everything: brownies, cookies, bread. You name it! Or fun food.

  15. Saturday Morning Breakfast

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