The Gospel Project for Kids: Card Games

Gospel Project Big Picture CardsHere at ParentLife, we’re SO excited about the launch of The Gospel Project for Kids. It’s a three-year plan to teach kids the whole Bible in chronological order.

One of the neat add-ons is these Big Picture Cards. The cards can be given out to parents at the end of each lesson as a way to review and talk about the lesson. But once you have a stack, why not use them to play one of these games?  

Hide and Seek

Hide the cards places your kid will see in a normal day (tape to the wall by the bathroom sink, on the refrigerator door, inside a soccer shoe). Challenge kids to find all the cards and place in chronological order.

What is Missing?

Take a black dry erase marker and cover key phrases from the big picture question, big picture answer, or the Christ Connection. Challenge kids to shout out the missing phrases.

Count of Three

Give each kid an equal number of cards. On the count of three each kid will play one card from his hand. The Bible story that occurred closest to Jesus’ birth wins. Continue play with remaining cards. You may also decide that the Bible story that occurred first chronologically is the winner.

Choose a Color

Select one or more cards for play. Choose an item in the Bible story picture and share what color the item is without revealing the item. Guide family members to take turns guessing what item you selected. After the item is revealed, review the Bible story, big picture question, and Christ connection.

Name the Bible Story

Hold a card behind a piece of dark-colored paper. On the count of three, drop the paper. The family member who announces the name of the Bible story first wins. Tip: cover the name of the Bible story with a dry erase marker or your hand to prevent someone from simply reading the title. Review the Bible story and Christ connection.

It’s always great to be able to connect your kids’ Sunday School lessons with your home life, and we encourage you to hold on to these cards to enhance your childrens’ learning of the Bible stories.

Thank you to the Gospel Project Blog for these game ideas. 



  1. Kristi J. says:

    Oh how neat!!! I will definitely be looking more into these. It’s my first year homeschooling and I’m still searching for a great “Bible Time” or History introduction for Kindergarten. Thanks!

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