Creating a Better Family Culture

Raising Kids cover.jpgThomas Nelson recently sent us two books to review for our readers: Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord and Building Family Ties with Faith, Love & Laughter, both by Dave Stone.  Stone is the senior pastor of Southeast Christian Church, a megachurch with three campuses in Louisville, Kentucky; but his passion is his family and showing families how the best evangelism starts at home.

I wasn’t sure what to think of these small, glossy books and even put off reading them for fear they would be pat answer gift books. I was very wrong.

I read most of the way through Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord in an hour or two, but each page was full of Truth and knowledge from a family who has raised three kids. Stone obviously values and praises his wife, Beth’s, work in their family and her ability to see situations in a spiritual light.

Stone urges families to be intentional from infancy, relying heavily on prayer and teaching the Word. He has a chapter for mothers and one for fathers in Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord. He also speaks heavily of discipline – not spanking, but teaching children obedience so they will be trained to say YES the first time to the Holy Spirit. I certainly was refreshed in my determination to be consistent in disciplining our 3-year-old.


Building Ties cover.jpgBuilding Family Ties speaks to family time and family mission. Stone promotes creating a family mission statement, eating together, and creating technology-free family time.

While I don’t think these are "gift books" persay, they are easy-to-read manifestos in raising a family and would make excellent gifts for new parents or those who are struggling. (Aren’t we all?) I give the Faithful Families series a big thumbs up!

Do you have a favorite parenting book to recommend or give to friends?

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