Trends & Truth April 2012: Exclusive Interview with Candace Cameron Bure


Welcome to this month’s Trends and Truth Online with Mike Nappa. This month we have an exclusive interview with Candace Bure.

Candace Cameron Bure started acting at age 5. A few years later Candace became a breakout child star on the hit comedy Full House—a show that’s still running in syndication in over 100 countries. Today she stars as Summer Van Horn in the ABC Family hit, Make It or Break It.


T&TO: Candace! Thanks for spending time with us. Let’s start off with your show, Make It Or Break It.

CCB: Make It Or Break It has been a great show to return back to TV after taking off 10 years to stay at home with my kids. I absolutely love my character, Summer Van Horn. Summer knows who she is and what she wants in life, and yet she’s in love with someone who doesn’t share her same values.

Of course, this is a teen drama and a lot of the material reflects that: boys, backstabbing, friendships, and relationships. But the core of this show is about determination, dedication, commitment, and heart. These girls are extraordinary athletes, and their goal is to reach the Olympics in 2012.

T&TO: You actually grew up on TV! What memories have stuck with you from Full House?

CCB: I loved working on Full House while growing up. Of course there were always a few awkward years and moments I didn’t care to share with the world, but it was a small price to pay considering how much I enjoyed it all.

The memories that have stuck with me most are laughing on set with the cast and crew. There were always jokes being made, and the director was always trying to keep the three guys in line while all of the kids were on set.

T&TO: Tell us a little about your faith.

CCB: I’m a Christian but didn’t grow up in a Christian/religious home. My faith didn’t become the focal point of my life until I was about 25 years old.

Once I had kids, I wanted to know what I believed about God and what I was going to teach my children. But first, I realized that I needed to know who God is from a biblical point of view and not just from the opinions of those around me. That stirred a desire to start reading the Bible and get to know God for myself.

My faith and relationship with Christ affects all aspects of my life: being a woman, a mom, a wife, and an actress. I base all my actions and decisions off that relationship, which has molded me into the woman I am today.

T&TO: Any last words for ParentLife readers?

CCB: Please pray that I would continue to be bold in sharing my faith and to model my love to everyone with my actions and not just my words.


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