April Giveaway: Contigo Cups

My daughter is 3.

Three is hard. Just in case no one has ever told you that.

Libbie wants to use a regular cup, most of the time. (Unless she’s trying to steal her baby brother’s sippies.) But about half the time, this ends with milk on the carpet or water down her front. And for Libbie, one drop of water on her shirt equals a wardrobe change.

Enter Contigo cups. These brilliant bottles are for preschoolers like Libbie, who like to feel independent but still lack complete coordination.



The Contigo Trekker cups are spill-proof and leak-proof, with auto-sealing. Kids must press the button to open the hole to drink, and it reseals as soon as they release the button. The tight-fitting lid is one piece, so no loose parts to lose, either! The textured bottle makes gripping easy for little ones.

Libbie loves these cups (which we purchased ourselves a few months ago). She loves that her little brother can’t use them; they are hers alone. They look a lot like Mommy’s water bottles. And they don’t spill water on her beloved princess get-ups.

Contigo has graciously offered us two Trekker cups to give away during March.

To enter the giveaway, just answer the following in the comments: what do you hate about sippy cups? [Or just tell us why you need a Contigo cup!]

I hate leaks and finding nasty milk curdled in hidden cups!

Winners will be selected May 1, 2012. LifeWay employees are not eligible to win. One entry per person, please. USA only.


  1. Caroline F. says:

    What a great cup! No more spills, but independence! 🙂

  2. My least favorite part of sippy cups is loosing the pieces in the dishwasher.

  3. Sippy-cups, how do I loathe thee?
    1. Keeping up with and/or losing the rubber inserts meant to “stop” leaking. They always seem to disppear. Probably with all the socks that come up missing also.
    2. Having to match-up the sippy cup lid with the sippy cup base with the sipper cup rubber insert. #mindnumbing

  4. sippy cups should be tippy cups or spilly cups… that is why i loathe them.. getting a new car (well, new to me) and i need one that won’t spill or no liquid is going on the road w/ us!

  5. Standard sippy cups always tend to be rather large for many little hands.

  6. Meredith says:

    I don’t even use sippy cups because I am so awful about keeping up with the pieces! I’d love to try this model, though, because John is thirsty all the time!

  7. Sarah has Down syndrome and has not figured out an open cup with out getting it all over her. She also needs a complete change if one drop gets on her. Like these because they look like a big girls cup and not so babyish for her since she is 5.

  8. Drips,leaks,or spills they all do and usually in the car or on the couch.lose pieces in the dishwasher,not being able to find replacement pieces for cups.I dislike it all for this needed item.how nice would it be to have a cup that doesn’t leak and baby sister can’t drink from.

  9. Sarah P. says:

    My daughter is very particular about spills and messes and my son loves to try and spill his sippy cup and make a mess so this cup would be a great alturnitave to sippy cups.

  10. I hate trying to t the valves clean. They seem to collect nastiness. Although curdled milk in the sippy is pretty gross too. We found one my son had hidden in the toy bin after about a week. Ick!

  11. I don’t like all the loose parts and then trying to rematch them after you have put several through the dishwasher!

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