March Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Rover Weather Radio is commenter #3, Angelia R., who said:

An item like the Rover would have been great to have during Katrina. Living in South Mississippi at the time we were without power for over two weeks. ( moved to New Orleans after Katrina to attended NOBTS). Not having the ability to charge cell phone was frustrating. You could get text out to check on friends and family or tell of needs but with no power it was hard to keep it charged.

We certainly hope you’ll never have to go through anything like Katrina ever again, Angelia, but in case of any emergency, you’ll now be well-prepared!

Rovers are available for purchase on Amazon (current price is about $45).



  1. Angelia routzahn says:

    Thanks so much parentlife!!!sitting here listening to storms and no lights again tonight in South Louisiana so this will surely come in handy!!!!!

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