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4 Reasons to Go to Camp WITH Your Child by Jeremy Echols


Going to camp is a summer tradition for many people … there are some camps where families have been attending for generations. We love it when parents have the opportunity to be a part of what their child experiences at camp.


  1. Take time one afternoon to walk with your child and talk about what God is teaching her. The quality time away from distractions and normal busy-ness will be great for heart-to-heart conversations.
  2. Enjoy the activities your child loves during activity tracks. You may discover a fun new family activity to continue at home!
  3. Grow while your child is growing. The two of you will be growing on different levels, but can both be growing spiritually through the camp experience.
  4. Staying in dorms & eating cafeteria food …enough said … you’ll make some great memories!

BONUS: You may have the opportunity to lead your child to the Lord! A friend of mine who served on camp staff with me was able to lead his son to the Lord at CentriKid a couple of summers ago. It was very special to see a father experience the joy of seeing his child accept Christ at the same camp where he served and invested in the lives of others.

So consider this your encouragement (or your CHALLENGE!) to find your sleeping bag, pack a few extra snacks (just in case), and get plugged in to go to camp with your child this summer!

Do you ever go with your kid to camp to go to a family camp?

2011-July Jeremy Echols with Madison at camp.JPGJeremy Echols is a dad of a 1-year-old who isn’t quite old enough for camp … You can connect with Jeremy online at or via Jeremy works with CentriKid Camps, the kids camp from LifeWay for 3rd-6th graders and blogs for

Peace in the Midst of Parenting by William Summey


Do you ever just need a break? Boy, I sure do, and I can tell I have passed it down to my kids. Christopher, always inquisitive, commonly asks, “How long until Spring Break? How long until Easter? How long until the end of the school year?” He wants to get those breaks all straight in his head! I must admit, he learned all of that from me!

Breaks are so nice. They reorient our thinking, helping us get a fresh start and perspective. Christians can find real rest in God, no matter where we are, even with the world around us descending into chaos. If you work in the business world, you know there is turnover and change. If you think of time with your kids, you know that chaos can break out any minute (usually right after you clean up or get to sleep)!

As parents, we all need time to rest in God. He helps us gain perspective on what is truly important in life. Being centered in Him helps us be better parents.

So next time Jonathan tells me, “Dad, I have a test today and forgot to study” or Christopher says, “Dad, I forgot that this is wear-my-favorite-shirt day, and my favorite shirt is dirty,” I will try to remember to rest in God.

The challenge is to find that peace in the midst of chaos. That’s why God’s supernatural strength and peace is a must for Christians to depend upon. I think of the passage: “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. … you will find rest for yourselves” (Matthew 11:28-29). What helps you put life in perspective? Let us hear from you!

Parenting by grace,

William Summey

Eating Out with Kids Made Easy with Kids LiveWell


Need a break from cooking dinner but can’t stand the thought of your child eating yet another fried chicken finger?

The Kids LiveWell program may be just what you need! Forty-five restaurants, from Chick Fil-A to Cracker Barrel to Tony Roma’s currently participate in the program, with another 25 working on their menus. 

Participating restaurants submit ideas from their menu for kids’ meals that have fewer than 600 calories, no deep-fried foods, and less than 35% of calories from fat (among other criteria). All options are listed on the Kids LiveWell site and can be seen by clicking on the restaurant’s button. 

"Parents are looking for healthful menu options for their children, and America’s restaurants, from chain restaurants to smaller independent operators, have stepped up to the plate in an overwhelming display of support for children’s nutrition," said Dawn Sweeney, President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association. "Kids LiveWell is just one example of how the restaurant industry is taking a proactive role in addressing our nation’s healthy living challenges and providing more options for consumers."

Is this a program you would consider using? Do you worry about what your kids eat at restaurants?

Appreciate the Sacrifice by Sara Horn

In the May issue, military wife Sara Horn talks about practical ways to help military families in her article "Show Your Support." Here are a few sites that help you show support in practical ways. 


Marcing to Pike field


May is National Military Appreciation Month. You can support military families through one of these great organizations.

  • GreenCare for Troops  ― Help a military family with yard care.
  • Operation Purple Camp ― Send a military child going through deployment to camp.
  • Military Ministry  ― This ministry is through Campus Crusade for Christ International and helps military families dealing with PTSD and other combat-related struggles. 
  • Military Bible Stick  ― Support God’s Word being sent overseas to our men and women in uniform.
  • Operation Worship  ― Send Bibles or support Christian concerts for military at home and abroad.

How does your family help or honor the miliary?


Photo used with permission of Flickr Creative Commons. Click on photo for source.

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A Baby Changes Everything by Becky Suggs

Becky's Journal


31 weeks pregnant


As I write this blog post, I am relaxing in a bed and breakfast in a small town in Colorado. My husband and I love to travel. We love to take little trips to neighboring places, just to get away from our daily routine. This is our last trip we will take before our little girl arrives. There probably won’t be much travel after her birth, either. A baby changes everything.

Normally on our trips we do more adventurous types of things such as hiking and exploring. Had we taken this trip when I was not pregnant, there would have been snowmobiling and a few other adventure activities. A baby changes everything.

As we have been on this trip, the song “A Baby Changes Everything” has been running through my mind. Though I know this song is about Mary giving birth to Jesus (and her baby indeed changed EVERYTHING), I can still see similarities in how babies make everything different.

It’s not just about travel for us – it’s about every aspect of our lives that will soon change. Even through this pregnancy, so much has already changed. The way we pray. The way I think about our baby more than anything. The way I feel when my husband is away on business trips. The way we plan for the future.


Newborn Baby Leo at the Hospital

Over the past seven months, I’ve met a 14-year-old who is pregnant. I’ve sat with a friend after she had given birth to her child at 25 weeks (still fighting, by the way!). I’ve talked with a friend who lost her child. I’ve seen many healthy babies born and some with severe complications. Regardless, for each mother, babies do change everything.

In about two months, my little girl will make her appearance in the world. I can’t wait to meet her. I know she is going to change my life in ways I could never have dreamed.

And, at the end of the day, I’m so excited to see how my baby is going to change everything.

What unexpected way did your babies change your life?


greatest picture.jpg


Becky Suggs and her husband, Robert, live in the mountains of Glorieta, New Mexico, with their pug, Sadie. They are expecting their first child in April. In her spare time, you can find Becky reading, enjoying the great outdoors, filling in squares to the latest crossword puzzle, and spending time with family. She has a passion for both kids and camping ministries.

[Yes, Becky is due this month … we’re behind her pregnancy in running her journal entries! Becky’s journal will continue for a few more months!]

 Adorable baby picture courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. Click on photo for source.

Fun Wednesday Photo

We may have stopped our Fun Friday Photo series, but we still get one to share now and again. Here’s a cutie!




Two-year-old Niles brings a whole new meaning to "Face Time" with this photo from mom’s iPad.

Thanks, Arshella M., for this adorable pic!

Electric Toothbrushes Dangerous for Kids?

Brushing Teeth


Who would have thought that brushing your teeth could be hazardous to your health?

But in February, Fox News reported that Crest Spinbrushes had caused some injuries in adults, including pieces flying off the brush and chipping teeth. These problems are not prevalent in the children’s version, but the Spinbrush for Kids has caused battery burns, cut lips, and bristles flying off and lodging in the tonsils.

If you choose to let you kids use an electric toothbrush, be sure to change the head or toothbrush every 3 months or as directed. Check for any loose parts or bristles before use.

As an alternative, consider a kid-friendly brush like the 45° Angled Brush from Supersmile. The bristles are angled to aid in optimum brushing.

Does your child use an electric toothbrush?

Photo used with permission of Flickr Creative Commons. Click on photo for source.