A Preschooler’s Easter Dictionary

This is an extra bit that expands on the article “Easter & Your Preschooler” in the April 2012 issue.

Águas de Lindóia - Cross
source: Deni Williams via Flickr Creative Commons

Focus on what the Bible says as you talk to your child. Think about some unfamiliar words that your child will hear at Easter. Use these brief definitions:


  • cross — a wooden structure where Jesus died
  • dead — Jesus was dead when they took His body off the cross
  • tomb — Jesus’ body was put in a tomb. A tomb was a place to bury people, usually a cave with a big stone door.
  • alive — God made Jesus alive again to show how much He loves people. God can do things no one else can do.
  • Savior — someone who saves people from danger; the name Jesus means “Savior.”

You may also want to tell your child that even though she cannot see Jesus, she can know He is alive and in heaven because the Bible tells us so.

How do you help your small children understand Easter?

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