Helping Children Grasp the Resurrection by Jessie Weaver




Explaining Jesus’ death and resurrection to a three-year-old is hard.

Because really, what concept do they have of something dying and being brought back to life? Libbie has been to two funerals in her short life, but she doesn’t understand "death"—nevertheless the miraculous and beautiful resurrection we celebrate each Easter.

Christmas is easier, in a way. Kids understand babies being born. They may not get that part of the story about the immaculate conception, but they can grasp the key players and events: angels, shepherds, wise men, a donkey, a couple, a special baby.

I want to focus on the Lenten holiday just as much—if not more!—than we followed along with the Christmas story, crafting and reading our Bible every day for a month. Belief in the resurrection is what makes our faith different from anyone else’s. Our God is ALIVE! He could not be conquered by death!

Last year, Impress Your Kids did a round-up of "meaningful Easter" posts with ideas to help you create Easter experiences for your kids. I wanted to share a few of them with you here, and encourage you to go visit all the links!

Do you have any Easter traditions or easy activities to teach kids about the resurrection?


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