Meet Karen Kingsbury by Paula Parker

Famed author Karen Kingsbury wrote the article on choosing adoption for our March 2012 issue. Here, get to know Karen and her family a little better.


Meet Karen’s Family

Karen Kingsbury has been married to Don for 23 years. Don has been a teacher and coached basketball and football for almost 25 years. Karen and Don’s love of art and sports is reflected in their three biological children and three sons adopted from Haiti.

  • Kelsey (22), the Kingsburys’ only daughter, is a marketing major and actress with roles in several Christian films.
  • Tyler (19) is studying Christian music and hopes to become a professional singer. 
  • Sean (17), one of Karen’s adopted sons, is a high-school junior; he plays football and basketball.
  • Joshua (17), another adopted son, is also a junior and plays soccer and football. “In the summer of 2010,” his proud mother says, “his Amateur Athletic Union club soccer team finished third in the nation.”
  • EJ ― Emmanuel Jean (pronounced ‘John’) ― is 15. He’s Karen’s third adopted son. He’s a sophomore and plays football, basketball, and soccer.
  • Austin (14) likes football, but he’s crazy about basketball. “He’s real tall ― he’s 6’3”; he’s well past his dad’s height.”

Whatever the event, the Kingsbury family is their own fan club. “Whether we’re off to a concert that someone’s singing in or going to a game,” Karen says, “the whole family goes and we all enjoy both.”

karenkingsbury.jpgBlending Family & Career

Life as a wife, mother, and writer is a matter of organization for Karen. “For me, when it’s a writing day, I try to clear the schedule and write from about 9:00 to 3:00, when the kids are in school. Sometimes, it might spill over into 4:00 or 5:00. I don’t write every day. The marketing and other aspects of my career as a writer happen when the kids are at school.

“I try to have my evenings open for the family. I try to be team mom and have supper,” she laughs. “Not every time is it a fancy meal, by any stretch of the imagination.”

As a teacher, Don’s schedule is similar to the children’s. Karen and Don find time for each other by focusing on daily moments. “We’ve always had a great relationship. We don’t have a lot of dates going out; we make memories and have fun and find our romance at home. Part of being successful in our family and in our marriage is that neither of us feel like we have to get out. Some couples need a weekly date night; we don’t. For us, we might play a board game with the kids or we might take a walk through the neighborhood. We find our moments in the ‘everydayness’ rather than making big trips or date nights.”

“We really have a wonderful marriage and I credit a lot of my ability to have this kind of schedule and work to Don. He prays for us all the time. He’s the kind of guy that we can have fun making dinner together."

You can learn more about Karen Kingsbury and her books at her website or Facebook page.


  1. She’s one of my favorite authors, even more so after I discovered she’s an adoptive mama too. Thanks!

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