Products We Love, February 2012

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Every month we have a long list of products we want to share with you, but only a few can fit in the printed magazine. That’s why it’s so great we have this online space! Here are a few things we couldn’t squeeze into the magazine this month.

11_Guavamitts.jpgGuavamitts (guavakids)
These baby mittens have two types of closures for a perfect fit that grows with your baby. They are stylish and functional, engaging baby’s senses with high-contrast graphics. To boot, they are made of a planet-friendly bamboo/organic cotton blend. Find them for $12.00 a pair at


11_BabbaBurpie.jpgThe BabbaBurpie (BabbaCo®)

Optimize space in the diaper bag with the BabbaBurpie. If this oversized terry cloth burp cloth gets soiled, just flip it inside out for a fresh, clean surface! Check it out at Stylish designs retail for $22.50 each.


14TrekkerMug.jpgContigo® Kids Trekker Cup with AUTOSEAL® Technology

Kids who have outgrown sippy cups are ready for this spill-proof mug. Push the button to release the seal, and let go to close. Holds up to 14 fluid ounces. $5.99. Visit {You can see a more detailed review at the wonderful site I Can Teach My Child.}


I think those mittens would make an awesome baby shower gift! And I’ve been wanting a Contigo cup for my daughter for awhile, too. Any products out there you love and want to share with us?


  1. Sallie E. says:

    For $22.50, I’m thinking a burp cloth ought to wash and fold itself too. Neat concept, but too pricey for me. Thanks for the suggestions.

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