Christian Christmas Music

 I realize that perhaps saying "Christian Christmas" is an oxymoron, but in our society … it’s sort of necessary. My aunt has often said that there is "snowman and shopping" Christmas and "Jesus Christmas." 

I enjoy finding Christmas albums, then, that truly do focus me on the Christ of Christmas. 


One that was released this year is Christmas by Jadon Lavik. I’ve enjoyed Lavik’s hymn arrangements in the past, and his youthful voice brings light to classics like "Silent Night" and beauty to the original "Hallelujah the Lord Has Come." The album is very mellow and would make excellent background music for opening gifts Sunday morning.

My personal favorite Christmas album is Nativity Story: Sacred Songs. While I don’t hold any special affinity for the movie, these songs are truly inspired. "The Virgin’s Lullaby," featuring Todd Smith from Selah, Point of Grace, Natalie Grant, and other Christian artists, so gloriously reflects the story of Jesus’ birth from the viewpoints of the major players. "Labor of Love" by Andrew Peterson affects me like no other Christmas song, as a mother. These songs speak truth and the album is filled with beauty.

And honestly, I just don’t think Amy Grant’s Home for Christmas can be beaten. Grant’s Christmas albums are classic for a reason. "The Night Before Christmas" definitely ranks in my top 3 favorite Christmas songs ever. And who can forget "Breath of Heaven" and "Grown-Up Christmas List"? 

What’s your favorite Christ-centered Christmas album?


  1. I think Chris Tomlin’s Glory in the Highest is my new favorite Christmas CD. It’s different because it’s live … but it’s so worshipful! I love it!

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