Overwhelmed by Becky Suggs

Here is the third in Becky Suggs’ series on her first pregnancy. Enjoy! You can read the first and second installments if you missed them. 


Day 302


My husband and I visited our first baby superstore last week. We are pregnant with our first child. Not having done much research on baby things, we were really just going to get the lay of the land – to figure out what we were going to need and get a ballpark figure of what it was going to cost.

While I consider both of us fairly educated people (we both have graduate degrees), as we walked down aisle after aisle, we realized just how much we have to learn. We looked at cribs and gliders, strollers and high chairs. We then moved on to bouncy seats and swings, changing tables and car seats. So many frills and fancy gadgets. Where was the basic car seat I sat in when I was little?

Each aisle brought more questions and more realization that we have no idea what we are getting ourselves into! By the time we left the store, my mind had shifted to the thousands of choices we would have to make. How do we decide between the swing that vibrates or the swing that rocks? What about the stroller? I don’t jog, but do I need a jogging stroller in case I start? How will we know what brand of diaper to use? What method will we use to potty train? Where will my child go to preschool … much less, college?

On the drive home, I laughed to myself. Yes, we’ve got a lot of choices to make. Yes, there are a lot of unknowns. But, I think it’s okay if we just start with the small stuff – like picking out a crib this week and maybe researching strollers next week. We have a lot to learn, but this is going to be a great adventure for all three of us!

Do you have any suggestions for Becky? What’s your no-fail product that you love to tell others about?

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Becky Suggs and her husband, Robert, live in the mountains of Glorieta, New Mexico, with their pug, Sadie. They are expecting their first child in April. In her spare time, you can find Becky reading, enjoying the great outdoors, filling in squares to the latest crossword puzzle, and spending time with family. She has a passion for both kids and camping ministries.


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  1. We used our Diaper Genie more than anything we bought!
    : )

  2. One of my favorite baby products was the Chico Cortina Travel System. It is a bit pricey, but it’s been worth every penny for us. We’ve put it through all kinds of craziness and it still seems as good as new.

  3. Joy Fisher says:

    Remember that it’s great to borrow items that baby will only use for a short period of time, such as a swing or an infant bathtub. Consignment sales are also a great source for quality used clothing.

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