The Magic School Bus Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Do you remember The Magic School Bus? Miss Frizzle, the wild elementary-school teacher, took her class on countless field trips: to the moon, inside a flower, anywhere her students could even imagine! Since the television show premiered in 1994, it’s never been off the air. The books have been around even longer, celebrating 25 years of field trips this year.

340309_294979580513788_151649008180180_1242435_1669986402_o.jpgTo bring in the anniversary with style, Miss Frizzle is currently touring New York City: she went to ComicCon, is visiting the Scholastic bookstore, and even closed the day by ringing the NASDAQ bell. 


A new video game featuring the Magic School Bus releases next week as well: Magic School Bus Oceans is $19.99 and available for the Nintendo DS.

Scholastic sent me a couple DVDs of Magic School Bus episodes, and I was instantly transported back to my childhood. Who didn’t love exploring space with Miss Frizzle and her class? [The Pluto references are slightly dated now, sadly!] My sister, an elementary-school teacher, says her third-grade class LOVED watching these videos and that the science information really does sink in when delivered by Miss Frizzle.

Do you remember The Magic School Bus? What was your favorite field trip they took?


You can stay caught up with the Magic School Bus festivities on their Facebook page, or play some fun games at

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