Cribs for the Church Nursery (and Beyond)

Collin in his Crib - 7/3/04

You may have heard that there are some new crib standards coming from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. As of June 28, all cribs sold in the US have to meet higher standards for wood strength, testing, mattress support, and hardware. Additionally, traditional drop-side cribs will no longer be manufactured.

All childcare facilities will have to have cribs that meet these new standards by December 2012. Where does your church nursery fit in here?

If your church has a paid childcare facility, they will have to comply with the new standards by December 2012, just like any other facility. If you do not have a paid center, the CPSC rules will not apply; however, it is highly recommended that you check your cribs’ durability and safety. Tighten all hardware. Buy drop-side immobilization kits if needed.

To see more about the rules and to whom they apply, you can visit The New Crib Standard: Questions and Answers and Coverage of the Crib Rule Summary.

Will your church nursery make changes to comply?




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