The Great Commission for Moms by Helen Lee (with GIVEAWAY!)

The Great Commission, Jesus’ command to go into the world and make disciples, stands at the heart of evangelicalism โ€• yet what does this mean for stay-at-home mothers? This calling to engage the world for Christ is given to every believer, and it does not change when we become mothers. But it is also true that when children enter the picture, our lives are changed dramatically.

Not all moms are called to pick up their families and move to a needier neighborhood; not all moms are meant to lobby in front of world leaders. But a mom who chooses to say, “I am willing. And God can,” can have a powerful missional influence wherever she is.

missionalmom.jpgThere is no formula for how to become a mom who engages with the world. But here are four steps to consider if you would like to move from a posture of retreating from the world into one that addresses its needs.

  1. Place yourself where you can see, hear, and become aware of the needs around you. Read newspapers and magazines to keep current with what is happening in the world. Sign up to be a part of the One Campaign.
  2. Pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to you if there is a particular issue He wants you to address or confront. Ask specifically that the Spirit would move in your heart in a strong way so you can discern God’s leading.
  3. Probe to gain a deeper understanding of a particular issue that is calling for your attention. You can start simply by responding to the tugging on your heart by doing more research to understand the issue better.
  4. Participate with God in helping combat the issue with concrete steps of action. These actions can be as small as picking up the telephone or signing an online petition in support of legislation; they could be bigger steps of faith as you grow in your knowledge and understanding of how God wants to use you. As you begin to take concrete steps of faith, your way will become clearer regarding how God will use you to make a difference in the world.

As you adopt a missional outlook, I encourage you to keep your eyes, ears, hearts, and minds open to where and how God might want to use you. You may never relocate your family to a poor neighborhood or fly off to Africa, but God can use you in big and small ways, if you will let Him.

One way to adopt a missional outlook is to understand your home as a missional outpost โ€• a place where you nurture and raise your children for a lifetime of participating in God’s mission to the world. Your home is a base for powerful missional activity to take place: invite neighborhood kids over for lunch and pray together before the meal, sponsor a child in a foreign country, or have your kids help you pick out grocery items for your church’s food pantry.

Whether you are in a vocational setting, a school volunteer committee, at the grocery store or school music rehearsal, or a neighborhood playgroup, you have the chance to do God’s work โ€• in other words, to be missional.


helenlee.jpgHelen Lee is the author of The Missional Mom: Living with Purpose at Home and in the World, which released in January from Moody Publishers. Helen is a homeschooling mom of three and lives with her family in Chicagoland.

Would you like to win a copy of The Missional Mom? We have FIVE copies to give away! To enter, simply comment with one way you (or your wife … or someone you know!) tries to be missional in their parenting.

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  1. Alicia Odell says

    I try to look for people that need help. Right now it seems a lot of friends are on bedrest or are sick with small children so I am look for ways to help and encourage them.

  2. I try to be missional by having my children involved with me when I do get an opportunity to do a ministry. I want them to see that they are never to small to do God’s work.

  3. Carrie Liles says

    I did not know the phrase of missional mom, but I raised the kids to love and respect those of other cultural backgrounds by loving them myself. I also had global sheets, global shower curtains, global place mats, had missionaries stay in our home. Now three of them are on the foreign field and three are serving here in the states. I would like to share the book with them

  4. My ex girlfriends parents, both reach out and help marriages that are experiencing problems. They were definitely an encouragement during the relationship and after, they go out of their way to travel to help these couples and yet set aside weekly time for their kids, including waffles and ice cream and much more. They will be an inspiration to both reaching out, but connecting at home that i will value for a lifetime

  5. I’m trying to go to homes of friends to pray for them instead of just saying I’ll pray for them. I take my kids when I do it.

  6. Being missional with very young children isn’t always easy. We have baked cookies for neighbors who don’t have family nearby, invited other families who don’t have local extended family to our holiday celebrations, and my 6 year old is now practicing her reading with local mentally handicapped adults who are also emerging readers. Our biggest service this year was to collect money for a missionary to purchase a goat for the community in Haiti that she was traveling to. Instead of giving my older (6 & 3) kids money to donate (which really doesn’t mean much to them) I challenged them to find something they could do to earn money for the goat. My 3 year old sold a painting he did in our art class – his rendition of Starry Night that took him 2 months! He was so proud to have earned $3 dollars – as many as he was old! My 6 year old volunteered to paint a Weiner dog for a lady in my Sunday school class – and she would take whatever she felt it was worth. She worked every day for 2 weeks (which was FOREVER for her) on it and it really turned out nicely! The lady was so impressed (it was to be a gift for her sister) that she paid for a whole goat – $40! My kids were so proud of their hard work (and also a little sad to see it go).

  7. I try to instill in my children that the world is bigger than just them and where we live. We read books (we just read one called Papa’s Pastries today) and pray for our family/friends that are doing mission work abroad. We also include them in service projects.

  8. Even though my kids are HS & College age…I’m surrounded by their friends regularly. Being teens & young adults they seem to fall into a lost category of ministry.
    I may be the only smidgen of Jesus that they see/hear. So, I make it part of my relationship with them to be Christlike and encouraging.
    My husband and I have tried to be a safe place for any kids that are involved with our kids. It’s a pleasure.

  9. Part of a mother’s calling is to raise her own children to be disciples. I don’t think we fully realize the great impact that mothers make on the world by the love and care they give their families. I know my mom’s love has made a huge difference in my life and in the lives of many other people as well and continues to. Sometimes it is the little things that make a big impact.
    Whatever you do, do it all to glorify God!

  10. Yes, I definately strive to be a missional mom. First, I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me in my motherhood and in all things on a daily, sometimes hourly ongoing basis. I ask God to help me know my children as only He knows them to uniquely guide them in His calling for each of them – their unique bent. Much of our time in our walks and talks and dinners and more, we discuss all of life and events through God’s eyes. For myself and my children, we bring God and serving God into our whole selves. This means in our home, our family, our neighborhood, our schools, our community and beyond thanks to social media like facebook/twitter/blogs, we do all we can to love, encourage, pray for, comfort, help others by prayer, friendship, volunteering, and sometimes a hug. The focus for me and my family: Love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and love your enemies. All things in life through God’s eyes/ways and Holy Spirit guidance and prayers … lots of prayers!!! I want to be the mother of children that live for God!! Thanks for such a wonderful contest! Many blessings! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. My kids are young, 3 and 6, but I make sure they see mommy making and doing things for other people. We talk about how the Bible says we should love and take care of other people, and that’s why mommy cooks for sick people, and makes hats and blankets for people that need them.

  12. I take my 5 year old son with me whenever we are involved in ministry- taking meals to those in need or delivering food drive items to our local food bank. He tells people that he has two sisters in Africa and we talk about why we sponsor and pray for them and their families. My hope is that it is a way of life for him to do what he can, even when he grows up and leaves home.

  13. Even though my twins are only 6 months old, I take them along with me to visit the widow in our neighborhood. They always seem to make her smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I have a 1 year old so I’m ashamed to say I haven’t really thought about this or implemented anything that would be considered missional. This is an area I desperately need to work on.

  15. I try to point out ways other people serve us to my toddler daughter- “Thank you for holding the door for us. That man is being kind to us!”- so that she’ll understand what I’m talking about when I tell her we need to help others.

  16. Leslie Dixon says

    I try to be a missional mom by teaching my kids about God’s love & care for all children. We sponsor a World Vision child and are in the process of adopting more children to complete our family (we have 2 biological children). My daughter (4 yrs. old) already says that she wants to give a child with no home a forever home when she becomes a mommy. It warms my heart to hear her be so accepting!

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