You Know You’re a Mom When …

June_22_rubberduck.jpgOn several occasions in the not-so-distant past, I’ve found myself chuckling over the strange characteristics that mark motherhood. You know … the things you never could have imagined or understood before having kids.

I’ll give you two personal examples:

1. Several months ago, I was digging for something in the bottom of my purse and I pulled out a rubber duck. That probably doesn’t happen to many women without children!

2. A few weeks ago, our department was given the opportunity to leave work a couple of hours early before a holiday weekend. Do you know what I did with my time off? I went grocery shopping … and I was excited about it! Why? Because I didn’t have my toddler in tow! Three and a half years ago, I could not have imagined being that excited about grocery shopping!

Knowing I’m not the only one who thinks about these kind of things, I decided to ask my Facebook friends to finish this sentence: You know you’re a mom when …

I LOVE the responses I got and wanted to share them with you.

Some made me literally laugh out loud!!

… you speak in five-word sentences. "Would you like some juice?" "Do you need to potty?" "We do not eat rocks."

… you automatically cut everyone’s food into small pieces, even the grownups.

… you find yourself watching Sesame Street and you are the only one in the room.

… you unconsciously think in rhymes (due to reading too many Dr Seuss books)!

… you tell other adults that you will be right back because you need to "go pee-pee in the potty."

… you catch yourself singing the Wonder Pets theme song in the shower.

… you know every word to every VeggieTales video but have trouble recalling what you did last week.

… you accidentally dilute your own apple juice … and drink it anyway.

… you share bites of your meal even though they have the exact same thing on their plates.

… there are rocks in the dryer and clothes in the driveway.

… you have to weed through the action figures in your purse to find your lipstick.

… ketchup on the ceiling does not surprise you in the least.

… you tell time by which cartoon is on.

… you understand the language of toddler speak.

Others were responses I knew every mother could relate to: 

… you’re exhausted, ready for a nap, and your toddlers are running laps around you!

… you can’t use the bathroom or take a shower without being interrupted.

… you hear yourself giving the same sound advice or warning to your children that your parents gave you … even the phrases you swore you would never say!

… you catch your child’s throw-up in a store.

… things that used to gross you out dont’t phase you anymore!

… getting up at 7 is sleeping in.

And others warmed my heart and made me smile!

… you look at all your grandchildren and say, "It was all worth it".

… when you look at that little gift of God and nothing else seems as important anymore. 

… you can see your heart walking around OUTSIDE your body!

Now it’s your turn. Leave us a comment finishing this sentence. You know you’re a parent when … . I can’t wait to read your responses!


  1. Kristi J says

    Such a sweet and fun post! Thank you for sharing!! How true! 🙂

  2. … you let your baby chew on paper because it keeps him quiet for a few minutes!
    … saying things such as “We don’t eat dry pasta!” don’t seem that strange.
    … you find yourself out somewhere sporting a Buzz Lightyear sticker, and don’t take it off because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

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