Being a Friend

Here are some more suggestions on mom friendships from Jennifer Holt, a supplement to our May 2011 article, "Looking for a Safety Net?"

Make the time to develop and nurture female friendships. The best way to make a new friend is to be a friend.


  • Send encouraging notes. A verse, a text, an e-mail, or even an occasional greeting card can help you bond with a friend.
  • Find a women’s Bible Study group. They will be your prayer partners in any season, and the forum lends itself to “bonding time” already.
  • Meet at a local fast-food playground or park midweek to share ideas with someone old enough to appreciate you!
  • Start a playgroup or join a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group in your area.
  • Plan a regular girls day/night/weekend to be with those who make you feel like you’re not alone.
  • Find a common interest. Do you know someone who likes to hike, scrapbook, paint, or read? Take a class, read the same book, or plan a trip together.

What other suggestions do you have for keeping up your friendships (with moms or otherwise)?

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