Not About the Eggs by Jessie Weaver

Easter Eggs 2

I went to Target on Saturday night to get diapers.

Every inch of the store is filled with bring Spring colors, plastic eggs, pastel-wrapped candies, bunnies, and baskets. Easter dresses and tiny three-piece suits fill the childrens section and Easter cards line the aisle. Egg plates. Roasting pans for clove-studded hams. Banners and flags and picture frames that all proclaim, “Happy Easter!”

It literally turned my stomach.

I have nothing against Easter egg hunts and baskets and dresses and Cadbury cream eggs are one of my favorite annual treats. But it feels like just another holiday we’ve morphed into a reason to buy cards, candy, and clothes. Another time for our kids to feel like they “deserve” something.

I know what I deserve: eternal separation from God, separated from Him by the blackness of my sin.

One of my favorite quotes is from Craig Groeschel’s book Confessions of a Pastor:

“If God were fair, I’d get what my sins deserve. I praise Him that He’s not fair … God is just, but He’s not fair. If He were fair, I’d have to suffer … forever.”

These next two weeks, I want to keep my focus on the reason we celebrate: the Resurrection that saved me from eternal death. My kids are a little young to understand being saved from their sins, but I want to start the tradition now of concentrating on Christ. I’m reading my 2-year-old the stories of The Last Supper, The Triumphant Entry, and Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection from every kids Bible we have in our house. She may not get it, but the words are there. The Word, instilled in her little heart.

How do you keep your kids focused on the true reason for Easter?

When Jessie Weaver is not busy being the resident ParentLife Blogger, she writes at Vanderbilt Wife and also for magazines like HomeLife and ParentLife. She lives in Chattanooga with her husband, where they run after two little ones: Libbie (2) and David (4 months).



  1. In the last 8-10 yrs. we have began celebrating Easter and The Resurrection separately. This year, we have already had our Easter Baskets, Easter Egg hunt, and decorated with bunnies. Next week, we will change our decor in our home to reflect the Risen Savior.

  2. So true, Jessie. Isn’t it weird that “Easter” is an OK term but “Christmas” is not? It’s because Easter isn’t a word in the Bible. It’s been lumped in w/all the other non-religious holidays.
    I’m w/Veronica–I think separating the bunny/egg stuff from the Resurrection is the best way to go. Lydia just told me today, “Mommy! I want to get a new dress for Resurrection Sunday!” 🙂

  3. Good for you! I was so happy to stumble-upon this blog. Jesus’ death and resurrection needs to be recognized and celebrated!

  4. Jodi Skulley says

    Thanks, Melissa! We’re so glad you stumbled upon our blog! Hope you stop by often!

  5. Good post! We always need to remember that Easter is about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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