Ask Your Hospital to Support Healthy Baby Bags

In our March 2011 Growth Spurts section for "On the Way," you might have read about Healthy Baby Bags. These cheery green bags can be distributed to new parents at the hospital and help encourage successful breastfeeding.

The bags include nursing pads, milk storage bags, and information about the benefits of breastfeeding.

If you’d like to send your hospital a letter and further information about the Healthy Baby Bags, you can visit this blog post at By Moms for Moms, the Lansinoh blog.

Would you have liked to receive one of these bags upon leaving the hospital with your newborn?


  1. I think I used most everything I was given from the hospital. I appreciated the free formula trial packs. But yes, I would have used and appreciated something like this in the hospital.
    One other thought…if a church is looking for an outreach tool to connect with new parents they might consider funding a similar give-away at their local hospital (put the church’s logo on the bag).
    I know a church that sends representatives from the church’s parent committee & children’s ministry staff to the hospital. They leave a little goody bag with new parents that includes a copy of ParentLife Magazine and other inexpensive items. The church uses this opportunity to invite the family to church and leave behind info about Moms-n-More, the parent dedication service, the children’s ministry, etc.

  2. Tina Woods says:

    Absolutely! Still would love one for sippy cups, snacks & juice boxes!

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