February 2011: ParentLife Everyday

Each month ParentLife pulls together a one-page document for preschool and children’s leaders and teachers that highlights articles that might help families they work with. But this also is a great tool for parents!

The articles below are in our current February 2011 issue of ParentLife. Read the articles that minister to your family and pass along a copy to those who might benefit from it!



A Joyful Attitude: Equip parents in your church to teach their children not just respectful obedience but joyful obedience with three practical steps (pp. 14-15).

Kids with Connections: Encourage families to build healthy, positive relationships within their families, church, and community (pp. 22-23).

A Hope and a Future: Walk alongside families who have children with autism or other special needs. Remind them of the hope God promises (pp. 28-31).

Have a Church Preschool? Pass ParentLife along to parents on the lookout for a great preschool! And help make your preschool attractive to parents who are searching (pp. 12-13).

Growing Godly Girls: Give both moms and dads this section of articles focused on daughters this month in ParentLife (pp. 34-36).

A Great Christian Camp Experience: Learn more about CentriKid camps and why this summer experience could revitalize your children’s ministry (pp. 16-17).

100% – The number of kids in your home and church who will learn about love from their parents and adult leaders. Show them God’s love this Valentine’s Day!

For a downloadable PDF of this content, click on the link below:

ParentLife EveryDay February 2011

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