6 Tips for Beautiful Photos of Your Family

As you’re preparing for the ever-dreaded Christmas card picture, or just a regular fun photo shoot of your kids, here are six tips to help you get beautiful photos that will last a lifetime.

shootsandgiggles.jpgThanks Monica and Briana of Shoots and Giggles Photography for these photography tips.

  1. Get to know your photographer and create a lasting relationship. We suggest that you research photographers both online and via word-of-mouth. When you find a photographer that suits your style – call them. Emailing is fine, but it is so impersonal. It’s important to make sure you "click" with your photographer since you will hopefully be creating a relationship with them over the course of the next few years as your child and family grows.
  2. Ask your photographer about her level of experience. You need to be aware that photography companies come with all degrees of experience — ranging from your amateur neighbor to the world-renowned photography celebrity. More than likely, you will want someone in-between who fits into your budget, preferably someone with experience and a photography education.
  3. Be ready to make an investment. When you look for professional photography services, you need to be prepared to invest, and here is what you are investing in: a pro isn’t simply coming to hang out and casually snap some photos; a pro is highly educated in their craft and has taken great time to schedule your session and familiarize themselves with you, your family, and your image goals. They know how to make you feel comfortable, pose you and your family, perfectly light the scene, and make you and your family look amazing.
  4. Understand the final product (a.k.a. You get what you pay for). Many professional photographers are also simultaneously graphic designers and skilled retouchers. Therefore we are capable of not only capturing your images but also retouching your prints and designing your products. For example, at Shoots & Giggles we do all our post-production ourselves. It is important to ask your photographer about the degree of post processing and TLC your images will receive as that often increases the value and beauty of the images exponentially.
  5. Disk of Images vs. Fine Art Digital Negatives. Most high-end pro photographers do NOT offer a disk of ALL the images; however, many amateurs and beginners will. Rather than offering a disk of ALL the images, many pro photographers will offer hi-res digital negatives retouched and color corrected a la carte. If you are looking to spend very little and get a disk of untouched beginner-caliber images, working with an amateur or a student might work well for you. However, if you want a lot of "guaranteed-to-be beautiful" shots to choose from, working with a professional is going to be your best option.  
  6. Last but Not Least – Photography is ART! Pros look at each shoot as an opportunity to express themselves creatively and enjoy what they do — that is why we are doing it! The moments you hire us to capture are priceless (and totally adorable), and we truly love every minute of it!

Have you had an amazing photography experience? Or one that, quite frankly, you could do without? My favorite shoot was when my daughter was 3 weeks old. She was a model for two local photographers and they took AMAZING pictures. (This one was my favorite.) Since then we’ve used two different chains with varying success (mostly due to the moodiness of my drama-queen toddler). — Jessie, Resident PL Blogger

Photo collage used with permission of Shoots and Giggles.


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