November Giveaway

It’s November! Do you feel the holidays beginning to breathe their "parumpa-pum-pum" rhythym? With a baby due on December 22nd, I definitely do! Now that we’re through a whirlwind week of two birthdays, four grandparents and one aunt visiting, one big birthday bash, and some trunk-or-treating, "baby time" seems even more close. Which means you have about 7 and a half weeks until Christmas!

For our November giveaway, we’re doling out TEN fun Christmas books for you and your kids.

 wonderofchristmas.gifHere are the ten books we’re giving away:

 The Wonder of Christmas by Dandi Daley Mackall

Away in a Manger by Mike Jaroszko

Tonight You Are My Baby (Board Book) by Jeannine Q. Norris

Pocket’s Christmas Wish by Ann Bonwill and Russell Julian

starofchristmasbook.jpgThe Star of Christmas by Maria T. DiVencenzo

Holiday Cupcakes by Annie Rigg

Come to the Table: Food, Fellowship, and a Celebration of God’s Bounty by Benita Long

Christmas Cooking with Kids by Annie Rigg

Kids in the Holiday Kitchen by Jessica Strand

Better Home and Gardens’ Best of Christmas Ideas

To enter, leave a comment on this post with one of your favorite Christmas books or family traditions. If you’d like, you can also comment which of these books you would like to have the most, and we’ll take that into consideration if you are a winner!

Winners will be selected December 1, 2010. LifeWay employees are not eligible to win.



  1. Holly May says:

    The Grinch would have to be one of our favorites ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. One of my favorite traditions growing up was selecting a special yearly ornament to represent a special place we visited or making one that represented something special that happened during the year (new baby, etc.) My husband and I have continued that tradition with our family and it is fun to share with our girls.

  3. Lorrie Patterson says:

    I love parent life! Great inspiration and ideas!!

  4. Tricia Gray says:

    Every Christmas season started in my family the weekend after Thanksgiving. My dad would always get all the Christmas decorations and music out of the attic. Then, he would put on one of the cd’s while my siblings and I would dance around as he strung the lights on the tree. I always felt closer to my family that time of the year. My favorite book we read was “How the Grinch stole Christmas.” Love it! I now read to my daughter every year and the weekend after Thanksgiving we begin decorating and its a family only weekend.

  5. My favorite tradition is the Christmas eve I spend with my family. My mom makes dinner with all the trimmings and my dad reads the Christmas story in Luke 2. Then in the evening we open gifts for Christmas box. Its gotten more exciting since adding my husband and daughter to the mix :P!

  6. Stacy Frey says:

    Some of my favorite Christmas traditions as a child were getting to pick out and chop down our tree on the day after Thanksgiving, then dad would try to get it in the house while Mom and my sisters would get the decorations ready to adorn the tree. Then, on Christmas Eve we would have a special time of singing carols while mom played the piano, then, reading the Christmas story. I remember dad trying to make this very interesting for us and every year did something different. After that we would all talk about the things that happened that year, good or bad, and how we are thankful for everything God has given us! The best part was getting to pick out one present to open on Christmas eve. Somehow it was always matching PJs for all of us!
    I cannot wait to start our own new traditions with our 3 little boys!

  7. One of my favorite family Christmas traditions is Chocolate Gravy and bisquits for breakfast! Yum! It’s been going on for over 50 years!

  8. Red Ranger Came Calling by Berkeley Breathed

  9. Michelle Stutts says:

    As I look back across the years, my favorite Christmas memory is spending time family. With many of my family members gone to be with the Lord, I realize just how important family time is. We are not promised tomorrow so we should make the best memories possible every day of the year not just at Christmas. My parents always made sure that my brother and I had their time. I never really appreciated that until they were gone. That is the most precious gift you can give: your time.

  10. Every Christmas Eve after church service we have friends over for potluck dinner. We have a core group that’s invited every year and we add to that group with new friends each year. My husband reads the story of Jesus birth before we eat. If he is deployed he chooses a friend to read it and then tries to call home sometime during the evening to chat with everyone. We play games and have a great time. We’ve done this for the last 9 years and every year we have a blast.

  11. April Gibson says:

    My family and I would always read The Night Before Christmas followed by story of Christ’s birth from Luke.

  12. jamie mullen says:

    My wife and I still exchange silly pajamas for Christmas. It’s important to show the kids it’s ok to still be fun when you grow up.

  13. Sarah Stinnett says:

    We had a tradition on Christmas Eve. After we went to candlelight service we would always have a meal of what another country would have for their Christmas dinner. My Mom and Dad would share with us other traditions from that country. Then we would open 1 present – always from Grandma and then we would call her. I loved it!!!

  14. We have a couple of traditions. One is making Christmas cookies with kids and now our granddaughter and the other is collecting an ornament or two or three from vacations. It’s always fun to reminisce while we’re decorating the tree.
    Pockets Christmas Wish would be my selection. Thanks.

  15. Wendy Snipes says:

    I love everything about Christmas. I guess my favorite part of the season is the day after Thanksgiving..spending all day decorating the house with my kids. We always have such a good time ๐Ÿ™‚ I also enjoy making treats with them and having a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas day! The Star of Christmas would be my pick. Thanks

  16. sarah thompson says:

    We would love The Star of Christmas or any book. Our favorite tradition is celebrating St. Nick on Dec 5th which is the dutch Christmas. We exchange presents on the 5th which is nice and on Christmas day we just enjoy Christ birth and family.

  17. One of my very favorite Christmas books is “The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree.” If I win, I would pick “Tonight You Are My Baby” to share with my one-year-old. Thanks!

  18. Love Christmas! We start at my parents on Christmas Eve then we celebrate in our own home with our 2 year old miracle baby girl! Then to grammies& gramps on Christmas day! We love celebrating our Lord the whole month of December.This year Mandisa will be performing& she truly is a blessing.Thank u Lord for your blessings in which we do not deserve.

  19. Well, Charlie Brown Christmas isn’t really a book, but I love that when I hear the music I always get in the Christmas mood.

  20. My MIL gave us a children’s book of the Nutcracker that is a favorite. We also have The Night Before Christmas with cute critter illustrations–that’s a fave as well.

  21. We’ve just started collecting different versions of “The Night Before Christmas” – I love seeing all of the illustration varieties!
    I would love to win one of the cooking books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. One of my favorite CHRISTmas stories would have to be Mary’s First CHRISTmas by Walter Wangerin. It is a beautiful reflection of Mary telling her story to little Yeshi (Jesus) when as his bedtime story when he’s 4 or 5. It’s one of those children’s stories that adults will benefit from reading.
    The books all look good. I especially like books by Dandi Mackall…

  23. We love the grinch, too! I did get some new Christmas books over the last year, though, that I look forward to reading!
    Jensteed dot 08 at gmail dot com

  24. Cool books for the season, thanks for the article!

  25. Nina Stokes says:

    Any book to share with my grandchildren would be awesome! One of my favorite Christmas memories is of my Dad taking us as little children to the local grocery. Each of us had a cart to fill with groceries. After the groceries were loaded, Dad drove us to random houses in the poorer areas of our town. He would place a sack of groceries on the door step and off we would go to find our next family. This was in the 1950’s.

  26. My family loves the Grinch. And I’m also a fan of the old Claymation Christmas special. Love those California raisins!

  27. On Thanksgiving weekend, I wrap 24 Christmas books and put them in a basket by the fireplace. Each evening of December, we upwrap one book and read it together. The kids love the surprise of which book it will be, and we love the time together making memories. We always add a few new books each year, so this is perfect!

  28. Liza Martin says:

    Polar Express!

  29. God Gave Us Christmas.

  30. Maria Mesias says:

    One of my favourite christmas childhood traditions is that we all (5 kids) sat round the christmas tree and helped to decorate it. And finally mum and dad would pull out Santa from his little box. And they would pass it to one of us to put it ontop of the tree. It was done with reverence to the spirit of christmas and something we as kids looked forward to. I’m starting that tradition with my new baby daughter now. Am soooo excited all of a sudden about christmas and its purely due to having her.
    The books are all gorgeous and would feel blessed to win one.

  31. The Star of Christmas looks WONDERFUL!! What a great giveaway. We start Dec. 1 and read one Christmas book aloud everyday until Christmas – we look forward to that every year!!

  32. I loved “The Christmas Book” by Donna Kelly, and so many others. I especially love that my mom still pulls these books out every year and we will read them to my daughter this year!

  33. We love some of the titles, but have yet to have the Pocket’s Christmas wish in our collection. My girls adore the holiday and making it what God intended it to be, a time to celebrate his son’s birth and helping others learn about him. I think for me the fav book listed would be Come to the Table: Food, Fellowship, and a Celebration of God’s Bounty by Benita Long. I am always looking for more sources to use as we praise God at the dinner table. Homeschooling my girls we get to cherish this time a year to the fullest.

  34. Ooh, I love the Wonder of Christmas. Christmas books are my favorite part of Christmas. I buy every one I see. Well, mostly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. We’ve been reading Mouse’s first Christmas lately, and my 1-year-old is loving it.

  36. I have so many good memories, but Christmas Caroling with my parent’s Sunday School class, is probably my very favorite.

  37. Jacquelin Hankins says:

    There are so many wonderful traditions we observe at Christmas. My favorite was always on Christmas Eve, when my dad would read the Christmas story straight from the Bible.

  38. The Polar Express. We would love to win any of these books! Great Giveaway.

  39. Joyce Grimes says:

    Favorite book for the season of Christ’s birth is “The Cripple Lamb,” favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life,” favorite tradition the “surprise” gift on Christmas eve, alway bright new PJ’s. I think the “The Wonder of Christmas” or “Away in a Manger” would be my pick, but any would be a welcome surprise and possibly a new favorite.

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