June 2010 ParentLife Giveaway

It is probably safe to say that most families today are focusing some time and energy on two particular things: living a healthy lifestyle and saving money. But all too often, these two goals do not seem to work well together. Often it seems that in order to live a healthy lifestyle you have to spend more money. Well .. thans to Bethany House, we’re here to offer some help.


This month we are giving away five Jonni McCoy gift packages. Five blog commenters will each win a copy of Jonni’s books Miserly Moms: Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy and Healthy Meals for Less: Great-Tasting Simple Recipes Under $1 a Serving.  


Everyone* who posts a comment on our blog during the month of June will automatically be entered to win. Winners will be drawn randomly on July 1, 2010. So let us hear from you!

*LifeWay employees are not eligible for this giveaway. Multiple comments do not increase chances of winning.

What are some ways your family has found to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be good stewards of your finances? Share your tips with other ParentLife readers!


  1. I would love to win these books! How awesome!

  2. We live extremely close to a fresh produce market – which is open almost year round. My daughters and I love to go buy fresh fruits and veggies! It’s a fun outing – followed by healthy food!

  3. Our family lives healthy and saves money in a few different ways. I started using cloth diapers to save money a few years ago and still use the same set of diapers for my 2, soon to be 3, little boys.
    We also joined a local farm’s CSA as a way to bring local, fresh veggies to our family’s table. This has been a fun way to explore veggies we might not normally buy at the store. We supplement that by visiting the local farmer’s markets and buying what we can from local farms.
    We also skip visiting the movie theater and watch movies we have recorded on our DVR. This allows us to watch movies anytime and we don’t need a sitter or the crazy prices at the movie theater!

  4. Ahh! This sounds GREAT! I was just telling my husband last night I’m trying to get into couponing to save $$ but there are no coupons for fruits & veggies!? Aghh! Such a struggle ~ especially now that the kids are home and want to EAT all the time! 🙂

  5. These books would really come in handy for me right now! I would love to win.

  6. I would love to win these books! I’m desperately trying to decrease my grocery budget and increase the amount of healthy food I buy. Those don’t usually go hand in hand. Thanks for the opportunity to win these!

  7. I am a Christian mom of two girls and would love any books that have to do with preparing meals on a tight budget! Thank you and God Bless : )

  8. Wow! These books look great and the website looks like it has a bunch of tips too!

  9. Margaret Thompson says:

    These books would be amazing to win!

  10. In season fruits and veggies help save, we have planted our own fruit trees, vines and started a garden. Not only do we know whats on/in the foods we love, but it has been a great learning experience for our family, time together and the end results are truely rewarding. We share our harvest with neighbors, family and strangers. We have worked learning about “The Fruits of the Spirit” into this experience. It is great to visit the garden and see what God has provided for us. It also helps us exercise.
    Couponing is great, as long as you use and need what you are saving on.
    Portion control will save finanically and health wise. We have vowed to prepare simple, smaller portions and not leave the table miserable and over full, eat slower and enjoy every bite. Eating together, at the table and great family conversation is wonderful.
    Teaching your children early in life to love drinking water, will benefit their health.

  11. Just found the blog…looking forward to following it!

  12. Have been getting the magazine, but just found out about the blog. I look forward to following it. Would love to win the books.

  13. Christy says:

    We have planted fruit trees last year, so we are awaiting harvest in the years to come. We just completed a wooden, raised strawberry bed, so we are excited about this venture as well. I think it is so important to keep fresh fruits and vegetables for children ( and adults) year round. We look forward to seeing the fruit these efforts bear.

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