January Giveaway

It’s hard to believe that a brand new year is upon us! With a new year often comes new goals! Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? I am confident that finance-related goals are at the top of many of your lists.

Bad money management habits are hard to change, so the key is to start teaching your children healthy money management skills early. Our January blog giveaway just might be the service you need to help your child! This month we are giving away one 1-year subscription to ThreeJars.com.


ThreeJars.com is an innovative modern allowance system that lets kids earn, track, and use their own money online. With this online service, you set an allowance limit for your child and decide how his allowance will be divvied-up between Save, Spend, and Share jars. Your child manages his own account, but your approval is required for all financial decisions.

  • Save — Your child can boost his savings by earning interest from you, encouraging the savings habit.
  • Spend — He can spend his money by requesting cash or gift cards.
  • Share — He can share money too, by making donations to charities of your choice on or off the ThreeJars.com site. (Don’t forget to teach the importance of tithing using the "Share" jar.)

Stop by ThreeJars.com for more details about how this allowance system works.

Everyone* who posts a comment on our blog during the month of January will be entered to win one 1-year subscription to ThreeJars.com

*LifeWay employees are not eligible for this giveaway. Multiple comments do not increase chances of winning.

Does your child get an allowance? How are you teaching your child about money management?


  1. We’ve done the GIVE, SAVE, SPEND with our girls (ages 7 and 5 1/2) and they do pretty well, but I’m interested to get a look at this site.

  2. Dustin McElduff says:

    My boys are still a little young for an allowance, but the 3 jars system looks like a great way to teach kids about money. I went to the website just now and I think kids today would really get excited about keeping up with chores and their money through a program online. Technology has brought us a long way from saving money in the sock drawer.

  3. Rebekah Robb says:

    I have one in elementary school, one in middle and one in high. Sometimes it’s a struggle to know what to give them money for, what to make them pay for. And balancing all three at different levels. My older son regularly makes money during the summer, my oldest daughter occasionally babysits, but my youngest doesn’t make any money. (I was never good with allowances.)

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