Helping Kids Connect With Jesus

tiny baby jesus.jpgHere are some great thoughts about helping our kids really connect with the true meaning of Christmas by Dandi Daley Mackall, author of Tiny Baby Jesus.

This year when so many families are forced to cut back on the gifts and frills of Christmas, it could be the perfect opportunity to remind our children, and ourselves, why we celebrate Christmas. It’s all about Jesus!

I don’t think we can talk about Baby Jesus enough—to our children, to our neighbors, or to ourselves. It’s challenging to grasp the fact that inside every pregnant woman lives a real live baby. So it boggles the mind to imagine the Creator of the Universe allowing himself to be walled up inside Mary’s womb for nine months. The birth of Baby Jesus is a Christmas miracle.

At Christmas, we can point out Jesus in the manager and sing songs about the birth in Bethlehem. We can tell the wonderful story of shepherds, angels, and wise men. But we can do more. We can point our families to the grown-up Jesus and why He left heaven for earth. Christmas is about Christ—the Baby, the man, and the Son of God.        

Helping Children Connect With Jesus This Christmas

  • Point out Baby Jesus everywhere—on Christmas cards, in store windows, in your home.
  • Celebrate Advent with your church and in your home.
  • Talk about what Jesus might have doing when he was your child’s age.
  • Tell the story of Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection—the whole story.
  • Help your child identify with the human Jesus—his hands, his feet, his heart.
  • Remember. Repeat your stories of past Christmases.
  • Ask which gifts your children remember and why.
  • Read a Christmas picture book every night as a new tradition.
  • “Claim” your traditions. Trees, stars, angels, and gifts all point to Christ—the child, the man, the Son of God. 

 What are some of your ways to emphasize Jesus at Christmas with your kids?

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