Holiday or Headache?

98-Christmas_blog.jpgThere are only 18 more shopping days until Christmas! What feeling does that fact bring out of you? Excitement … or panic? What is so stressful about our Christmas season? Why is it that this season we observe as a holy day often turns into a headache instead?

In her article "Holiday or Headache?" (in the December 2009 issue of ParentLife), author Robin Chaddock helps families know how to make sure to keep Christmas a holiday and not a headache this year! To help parents keep focus, she provided us with the following four questions to ask yourself about Christmas. Above all, she stresses that Christmas should be a holiday of the heart!

  1. When you think about getting ready for Christmas, what is the thing that stresses you out most?
  2. What are your Christmas Kookies — the crazy little ideas that you think have to be done or the Christmas season will not be right?
  3. What have you been doing because it is expected or a habit but could probably be dropped from your schedule?  What truly makes Christmas meaningful for you?
  4. As you look over the ways below to have a clear heart for Christmas, which of these might you choose to do and how?

    H – Hand over the clutter — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

    E – Experience your senses. Take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the holidays.

    A – Attend to God’s voice, remembering that God speaks in many ways.

    R – Rethink your expectations. Are they realistic? Are they yours?

    T – Take inventory of your attitudes with a focus on gratitude.

What steps do you take to make sure the focus is on Jesus this holiday season?

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