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Tim Kimmel Family Matters

Two weeks ago I attended a great parenting conference by the Family Matters organization — Tim Kimmel’s "Raising Truly Great Kids" conference. In one section of the conference, he addressed families with relationship issues. I was impressed by Dr. Kimmel’s advice for these families. He encourages them to do service projects together! He observed how serving others helped transform one’s focus. Literally, it causes you to think about others and makes you thankful about the blessings you have. What great advice!

The holidays are a prime time to serve others: at church, in your community, and in your neighborhood. Parents who are not sure where to plug in or want to organize their own service project can rely on VolunteerSpot — a free, easy-to-use online tool that takes the hassle and headache out of coordinating volunteers and encourages everyone to get involved.


VolunteerSpot enables anyone to organize a group to sign up for any activity. Organizers can mobilize volunteers with an easy e-mail invitation. Automated e-mails remind folks of their commitments and schedule. No more mass “reply all” e-mails, late-night phone calls, dreaded clipboard sign-up sheets, or confusion over exactly who will be doing what.

VolunteerSpot also includes helpful tools for organizers looking for a little creative input or just plain inspiration, including free eBooks and an active blog featuring ideas and user suggestions for successful event planning.

 For more information, visit www.volunteerspot.com.

What service projects are you planning as a family in the coming weeks? Post your plans to inspire others!

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