Camping Weather!

This is the weekend of our church’s RA Family Campout. Royal Ambassadors (RAs) is a missions education program our church does for boys on Wednesday nights. Each year we have a campout complete with hot dogs, s-mores, and lots of fun and games. This year is no exception for the boys and me. We are going out into the wilderness and set up camp … actually we will be in a pasture on a farm and only have to set up our tent! But it will still be a camping adventure for all of us. And I have to remember not to lock my keys in the car as I did a couple years ago since my wife will be at a Beth Moore conference!

family camping photo.jpgCamping is one of those great fall traditions. In fact, I wrote all about it in the October 2009 ParentLife editorial, in a tongue in cheek approach to the highs and lows of camping. We have had some memorable camping weather events as a family. Most notably trying to camp in 95 degree weather in July … and the time we camped with our Sunday School class but ended up sleeping in our van because of a thunderstorm (photo to the left after we survived). We knew it was time to move to the van when our oldest son said, "I don’t want to die in a tent in a thunderstorm!" But the memories of good times camping far outweigh these few inconveniences.

Do you have some great camping stories? Post one of your stories to share with us and other readers.

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