A Healthy Lunch Option

This week is a busy week for most families as the kids head back to school. One source of stress for many families is knowing what to pack for lunch! Is it hard for you to find quick, easy, healthy options for your child’s lunch?

The Lunchables team hopes to relieve some of this stress by introducing a whole new line of Oscar Mayer Lunchables Lunch Combinations! 


75_Lunchable.jpgSome highlights of the new line include:

  • The introduction of the first sandwiches in the Lunchables Lunch Combination line
  • Turkey made with 100% turkey breast
  • Bread made with whole grain
  • Spring water as the drink
  • And, for the first time ever, Lunchables Lunch Combinations will feature applesauce!

While these nutritional advances are great, Lunchables has also extended its new changes from the inside out. The new packaging features a clear, snap-close container with an easy-to-read menu bar and recyclable packaging.

Lunchables Lunch Combinations are available in the refrigerated section of grocery stores and retail for $3.49.  To view the complete line of Lunchables Lunch Combinations visit www.lunchables.com.

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