Summer Is Here!


Summertime! For me it has arrived. There was nothing better than spending last week on the beach with my family. So relaxing and fun.

One family member made the comment that summer vacations are the things that kids will remember most about summer when they grow up. That started me thinking about what I remembered most about summer. I loved going to the beach one week a year, but that week always seemed to go by so quickly.

The thing I remember most about summer is baseball! My brother and I played baseball every day. And because  summer days were so much longer, there was much more time to play! I would rush to get the sports section every morning to see who won, who got the clutch hits, and what pitcher was the hero. I remember looking forward to Saturdays when my Dad was off from work, and we could play a family game of baseball in the backyard. Dad would be the pitcher for both teams, and we would have bases made of frisbees or gloves not in use, but the game might as well have been at Yankee Stadium! During the heat of the day, we would settle down on the couch and watch what was then called the Game of the Week (long before cable). What great memories!

Yesterday on our first day of summer after vacation, we spent our afternoon at the baseball fields watching the boys play baseball (the photo is of Jonathan at first base yesterday—thanks to photographer Brian Jones for the great photo!). As I sat and watched, I thought, It is finally summer … and there’s no other place I would rather be!

What are your favorite memories of summer? What memories do you plan to make as a family this year?





  1. William,
    I love this post! (And the picture!) My husband (and now my sons) will easily agree with you that summer is all about baseball. I love the memories that my sons are making!
    For me, summer gives me an all-over feeling of well-being as the season takes me back to not only family vacation, but Vacation Bible School. Those two things are quintessentially summer for me!

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