Preparing for Easter

39_EasterFamily.jpgWe went shopping this week to buy some Easter clothes for our family. This is one way many families prepare for Easter. But these clothes only last so long or likely are outgrown before next Easter rolls around. Hopefully we are also preparing our hearts for Easter — a gift that will last much longer — by remembering Jesus’ death and celebrating the resurrection.

There are many ways families can focus on the meaning of Easter, especially going to church together on Easter Day. Take advantage of this time together and talk about what you heard whether it is explaining the meaning of the Lord’s Supper, the Bible story of the resurrection, or other special things your church does to celebrate Easter.

In the April 2009 issue of ParentLife, R. Scott Wiley’s article “A Strong Foundation at Easter” emphasizes how important it is to teach preschoolers about Easter. This teaching about Easter lays a strong foundation for a later faith decision. Recognizing this, the April issue also has the article “Leading Your Child to Christ” designed to help you lead your children through this important decision. So be sensitive to your child and how the Holy Spirit leads in his life as you teach him about Jesus this Easter.

Tell us special ways your family celebrates Easter and tells the Easter story. We would love to hear any Easter traditions your family has. Share with us!

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