Where Do You Go for Parenting Advice?


Have you seen the latest research on parenting? A study released by LifeWay Research, the research arm of LifeWay Christian Resources, conducted a survey of 1,200 parents with children under age 18. The study reveals that most parents are consistently looking for guidance to help them be better parents. But where do they look to better themselves? Research shows that parents primarily depend upon their own experience to guide them in their decisions as a parent. Only about 14 percent of parents look to the Bible as a source of parenting advice. Even Christian parents look to the Bible at a low rate.

But parents do express the need for help. Ninety-two percent of parents say they need encouragement in parenting. These numbers show the great need for parents to have support, understanding, and mentoring in the task of parenting. But many times parents are too busy, stressed, or even embarrassed at their failures to seek help. So the question is: How can we make time in our schedules to form relationships with other parents where we are vulnerable, willing to listen, and use our weaknesses to help others?

I was challenged this weekend on our Sunday School class retreat to do just this — to see my story with its successes and failures as a gift from God. As parents, this is so important as we face the uncertainties and questions that come with parenting our kids. I want to challenge you to do the same and to be willing to impact other parents in your life — to be an encourager, to be available to follow God’s plan for your life, and to be real with your challenges as parents.

ParentLife is so grateful to be a small part of your parenting journey. When we developed our slogan — Encouraging and Equipping Parents — we recognized how important these tasks are in helping parents carry our their sacred calling as parents. We hope this blog and each issue of ParentLife will encourage and equip you to be a better parent.

Do you agree that parents need more encouragement? Where do you find encouragement as a parent? Let us know how we can better partner with you in your parenting journey.


  1. Logan Vaughan says

    I’m not a parent, but I know when my parents are encouraged when they see me make the right decisions in my life. They are encouraged when I respond to discipline or changes the way they want me to. My parents are encouraged when they feel like they have and are teaching me as the Lord has called them to do.

  2. Kayleigh B. says

    Although I’m not a parent, I feel that my parents are inspired and encouraged when they see evidence that they have taught me to live my life in a way that will please God. It is encouraging to them because they feel that they have succeeded in the most important area of parenting. Many parents will receive encouragement by seeing Godly traits and Christian character in their children as a result of good parenting.

  3. Emily Easter says

    I’m not a parent, but I believe my mother is most encouraged with the little things I do. I believe children need to learn how to speak their parents love language so that they can give to them in a way that speaks to them the most.

  4. Im not a parent, but my parents are best encouraged when I show them how much they are a part of my life. By letting them into my world. To let them know I don’t resent them, and that I listen to their words. Take their teachings and use them for Gods purpose. It falls into the place of obedience. Which falls into honoring your parents. As it is said in the Scriptures.

  5. I am not a parent, but I know my parents are best encouraged when I do the things I need to do and am supposed to do without being told to do them. They then know that I want to help and care about them, and that definitely encourges them.

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