Welcome to Moss Point, Mississippi!!!

It is starting today – the first World Changers project of 2014! Moss Point, Mississippi is ready and waiting for the students to start pouring in. They will start arriving at 1:00pm today. Groups for the first half of the week are coming from Tennessee, Texas, and Mississippi. They are…

…Bartlett Hills Baptist Church from Bartlett, TN
…Pershing Park Baptist Church from Killeen, TX
…Crossroads Baptist Church from Corpus Christi, TX
…Petal Harvey Baptist Church from Petal, MS
…Mobberly Baptist Church from Longview, TX
…Neshoba Baptist Church from Union, MS
…First Baptist Church Round Rock from Round Rock, TX

The staff this week is excited to be here to serve these groups this week! Here they are:

Project Coordinator & Worship Speaker: LC Drawdy
Construction Coordinator: Mike Skelton
Office Manager: Kelly Inda
Music Leader: Michael Thomas
Audio/Visual Technician: Molly Fly
Missions and Communications Specialist: Maria Katz
Michael, Molly, Kelly, and Maria

Michael, Molly, Kelly, and Maria  -  We are pros at awkward photos!

Remember to get on here this week and send E-couragrams to the participants. They love getting the notes in their encouragram envelopes all week long. Let’s fill up their boxes!!!