Day 1 Down

Wow! The first day has already passed us. Today was what is known as the Great Send-Off, wherein we send off all 20 of the crews into the city! It's a fun time because everyone is excited, and they should be! They are going to be the beginning of a … [Continue reading]

Look Out, Franklin!

After a fun-filled arrival/registration day yesterday, our crews went out to their worksites for the first time! This week we are doing everything from painting, to building decks, to even roofing! We are excited to see how our work will impact the … [Continue reading]

The Fres-Yes Cam!!   … [Continue reading]

San Francisco, Meet World Changers

We're here at Calvary Hills Community Church!  We've moved in and are getting ready to greet more than 170 participants tomorrow!  San Francisco, get ready to meet your 2014 World Changers.  Here to serve with these participants … [Continue reading]

The Choo Choo is Coming!

The train is finally boarding and over 330 students, adults, and staffers are currently residing in Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the energy is skyrocketing. The day was filled with a variety of events, which we began with … [Continue reading]

Welcome to Roanoke!

They made it!!! Our 9 church groups have all arrived safely at our facility in the Star City of the South! We are so excited to have them here in Roanoke and we can't wait to see what God is going to do through our crews this … [Continue reading]

Heatin’ Up for Jesus

Fresno is not ready for what's about to hit 'em!  The participants spent the morning learning more about the community and the organizations we are working with this week.  We heard from Larry, the CEO of Fresno Rescue Mission and a representative of … [Continue reading]

Day Two, the Send-Off!

Tuesdays are always an exciting day here at 5-Day Word Changers projects! We get to do the Great Send-Off, which is a time of both excitement and prayer for the week! This morning, students and adults woke up at or before 6 am (crazy, right?) to … [Continue reading]

The Daily Grind: DAY 1

  It's the end of DAY 1 of the tough work, and everyone is absolutely exhausted. Luckily, we have awesome crews that will fight the exhaustion to make this week in Cherokee the absolute best! Please allow me to introduce you to a few of our … [Continue reading]

Positively Pivotal

So today is the first day of worksites! We started the day with the great send off. At the great send off, all of the participants gathered in the field, and prayed hand in hand for the impact they could have on Cincinnati.  The Great Send … [Continue reading]