Let Us Rest

Sunday! The day we go to church, eat a hearty lunch, and take a nap until the football game comes on the television. At World Changers, we get the first two; but hey, it's missions! Today all of the participants went with their crews to the churches … [Continue reading]

Project Cam for San Fran

http://vimeo.com/101132688 … [Continue reading]

Soli Deo Gloria!!

It was an amazing week!!! I cannot believe it is over already. We had 13 crews this week, ministry crews and construction crews. The Gospel was showed during the week through the work of the students but it was directly spoken 97 times, 1 baptism and … [Continue reading]

Summer 2015….RECONCILE

Before summer 2014 is finished, we want to give Group Leaders, participants, and parents a preview of the 2015 theme, Reconcile. All of our summer missions projects will be this theme. Here is a basic description… Next summer we will be … [Continue reading]

Jesus, Only Jesus

Jesus, Only Jesus! This is what our total focus has been on this week and especially today. After another day of hard work we gathered tonight for our special Concert of Prayer worship experience. The Concert of Prayer is a night during which we … [Continue reading]

The Daily Grind: DAY 3

We completed our tour of the work sites today. Today's crews were especially chipper as they ministered to kids in the Charleston area and did some yard work for some military families. All of these students, when asked how their day had been, … [Continue reading]

Spirit Lead Me…

The second work day is OVER! We had another great day of work and all of the students really impressed us again with how hard they worked. Even better, at least two community members made the decision today on worksites to follow Christ for the very … [Continue reading]

Time To Get To Work

Phew! What a great first day of work! Today our students had their first day at their worksites. We kicked the day off with The Great Sendoff and prayed together before leaving the church in all kinds of wacky and creative ways. At worksites today … [Continue reading]

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling Down the Tennessee River

Today crews were back at worksites, painting walls, building ramps, and sharing the gospel. The Summer Staff visited sites today and got to see so many of our students shining a light through their actions, kindness, and willingness to serve. … [Continue reading]

First day on worksites!

Today the mayor of the city, Eduardo Cintron sent us a delectable breakfast to start our first day of work. The Great Send Off was lead by our Project Coordinator, Brian Morales. Then the participants left to their work sites, 6 of them construction … [Continue reading]