Coming Really Soon!!

Twenty Fourteen has started off with a fast pace that hasn’t slowed down one bit here in the World Changers office. With all the cold weather we’ve been having, there has been one thing on our minds - Spring Break, of course! We’re not thinking about warmer weather or weekend camping trips; our thoughts are focused on the 300+ students who are taking their spring breaks and giving them in service to the community of Moss Point, Mississippi!


That’s right, folks, the first World Changers project of 2014 is only a week and a half away!


308 individuals from 17 churches in 3 different states coming together for 1 week!


Check out these pictures of the groups serving in Moss Point last year:

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I’ve been a summer staffer with World Changers for 4 years now. I’ve been to a few projects – 31 if I counted correctly. I always think that I know what will happen at a project, how God will show up and work. Well, I’ve been wrong, a lot. God shows up in mighty ways and blows my mind every time! So, here is to Moss Point, Mississippi and God doing “above and beyond all that we ask or think”! (Ephesians 3:20 HCSB)


Be in prayer with us…
…for the groups that are coming
…for the work that will be done
…for the homeowners and neighbors


Check back in with us here for more news about the project. During the project, we’ll have daily updates, keeping you informed on what these students are doing and how God is working! You’ll also be able to send notes of encouragement – E-COURAGRAMS – to the students during the project. Simply select Moss Point, MS from the 2014 Projects drop down list in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then click the “Send an E-COURAGRAM” link. They love getting these notes, so you really should send one…or two…or twenty!!