Cold Won’t Stop Us!

It was a chilly 35 degrees when these students rolled out of bed this morning, but that did not slow us down one bit. We started the morning with biscuits and bacon – you just can’t go wrong with bacon! As soon as breakfast was over, we had the Great Send Off. During this time we prayed for the ministry that would be taking place today. As summer staff, we were able to make it out to all eight of our work sites. There has been a drastic change since work started on Monday. It is so encouraging – and it blows my mind – to see how much work these students can accomplish in just a few short days! The nine churches that arrived yesterday, hit the ground running, picking up right where the first groups left off.
We had “Why We’re Here” training last night where students were given time to share their story and the gospel with each other in preparation for sharing with homeowners and neighbors today. Be praying for opportunities for these students to share with the community here in Moss Point!
And remember, you can still send your students E-couragrams! Let’s encourage them as they go out again tomorrow morning to serve this community!

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