Winston has came to an end!

Hey Everyone,

Winston, OR World Changers 2014 has come to an end. It has been such a good week and God has moved in such mighty ways.

Friday, we finished with all our worksites and got to see so much transformation, both on the houses we worked on and in the lives we loved on.

God moved in a mighty was this week. I could try and explain, but our project cam does a much better job of giving you a visual of the amazing things that happened.

We love you guys and are so grateful for your prayers and encouragement!

Sugar Hill 2014 Project Cam

Tampa, FL Project Cam!

Birmingham World Changers Project Cam!

Project Cam!!!

The Daily Grind: DAY 1

The Daily Grind Columbia

This morning our participants took part in “The Great Send-Off”. This is a time to celebrate the work that will be occurring in the community and “Send Out” our students and adult leaders into the mission field!

If you’re new to World Changers, the Project Coordinator Alex Gonzalez took time to pray over our students and the work that will be done here in Columbia.

We had a lot of fun sending out our students and saying goodbye to our crew!


It’s the end of DAY 1 of the tough work, and everyone is absolutely exhausted. Luckily, we have awesome crews that will fight the exhaustion to make this week in Columbia the absolute best! Please allow me to introduce you to a few of our awesome crews!

Ultimately, we all had a great day. Please be praying for our crews as they minister to this community. Pray for opportunity and boldness to share the Gospel.

Send your students and friends an E-COURAGRAM! They’ll love it.

Check back tomorrow for introductions to the rest of our awesome crews!

The Easy Day

The US Navy SEALs’ motto is “The only easy day was yesterday,” and for our World Changers that motto rings true. Today was the first day on the worksites and the crews have been working hard! Since this is a community World Changers project, it is, for the lack of a better word, “community” based, meaning that most of the work that everyone is doing is evangelizing to the surrounding areas. In fact, during a church group devotion I was in, the group leader said a young boy approached him and asked a rather astounding question that I think we as World Changers often overlook. The boy asked, “What does it mean to be a World Changer?” Most folks think of a crucial historical figure as a world changer, but when you take the “world” down to a personal level, it can be as easy as handing someone food, thus the expression, “you’ve changed my world.” Their entire psyche has been changed, thanks to one small act of kindness. As our World Changers continue to change Tampa, why not go out and see what change you can bring about in somebody’s world?

tampa_06 tampa_07tampa_09

Brunswick, GA Project Cam

Project Cam for San Fran

Combo Project blog and E-couragrams

This week for the WC/P2 Combo project, we will be posting on the P2 blog. This is the link where you can see everything that is going on and send any E-couragrams!