World Changers Dallas, TX June 9-14 Project CAM!

Thursday: Concert of Prayer

This mornings Send-Off involved Keenan Henry, our A/V, sharing his testimony and scripture for the day. Afterward, crews headed to worksites to continue to work on their projects. Progress on many sites today was impeded by small rain showers moving through the area. However, that didn’t stop quite a few crews from getting really close to being finished today.

As the title implies, there was more to today than just Send-Offs and construction. Tonight we had the Concert of Prayer, which is different than other nights of worship in that no one is on stage, and all the worship (through singing, speaking, and scripture reading) is led from behind the worshippers. This year’s concert of prayer is different from years past, in that it focused solely on Jesus. We moved from Jesus’ birth to singing of His victory and coming return in just one hour!

As the week comes to a close, please be in prayer for students as they spend one more day out sharing God’s love through service and through conversation, as well as for the groups that are traveling back both tomorrow and Saturday.

It has been a joy to serve everyone here! Its so hard to believe we only have one full day left!

- Texas Team

Dallas Midweek

Today marked the beginning of a new tradition of World Changers: a send-off on every morning after the first day on worksites! These send-offs include the scripture for the day (which relates to the devotion they do at the site and the message at The Gathering), one Summer Staffer sharing their story, and prayer. The staffer who shared their story today was our Office Manager, Ashley Shaffer.

Like yesterday, Keenan and I drove around and visited some of the sites to just check on everyone and get pictures and footage. All of the construction work looks great! But something even more exciting to me is hearing all of the participants tell stories of how they’ve reached out to the neighborhoods in various ways! One crew even made a free lemonade stand! (Keenan and I definitely appreciated that)


All in all, it was a great day! Don’t forget to send E-couragrams! (They are only accepted through Thursday)

-The Texas Team

And Now the Real Work Begins!

This morning, I’m sure breakfast at 6 am came way earlier than most would have liked. But nonetheless, everyone woke up and got energized for the Great Sendoff, which featured events like “head, shoulders, knees, and toes”, Summer Staff Olympics, and lots of shouting. After a group prayer, all of the crews left in a convoy of vans, trucks, SUVs, and a bus to head to their first day at their worksites!

During the day, Keenan (our A/V) and I (the music leader) drove around to some of the sites visiting with the crews and getting pictures and video footage for the Action Cam and Picture CD. One of our favorite stories we saw and heard about today was where one participant shared his story with a man in the neighborhood that their worksite was in. Through the church that provided their crew with lunch, this participant connected the man with a pastor of a local church, and helped him find a potential church home.

Stories of great construction are always nice to hear, but the truly great and inspiring stories come from watching God work at projects and through participants. These are the impacts that can truly change the world!

DSCN0412 DSCN0376

Soli Deo Gloria (To God alone be the glory)

-The Texas Team

Welcome to Dallas World Changers!

Today, eleven church groups arrived at the Dallas World Changers project, and we are so glad everyone made it safely! The churches here to serve in Texas this week are:

Broadway Baptist Church from Southaven, MS

Faith Community Church Tyler from Tyler, TX

First Baptist Church Byram from Byram, MS

First Baptist Church Colony, from The Colony, TX

First Baptist Church Bellevue, from Bellevue NE

Bovina Baptist Church from Vicksburg, MS

San Antonio Korean Baptist Church from San Antonio, TX

Trinity Baptist Church Sweetwater from Sweetwater, TX

Northshore Church from Slidell, LA

Church Road Baptist from Horn Lake, MS

Bedias Baptist Church, from Bedias, TX

All of the groups got to try out a new World Changers feature, the photo booth, while group leaders were registering. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it! Here are some photos that were taken:


Be sure to keep following us and sending E-couragrams, I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through these students and through World Changers!

In Christ,


Get Ready, Dallas!

All of the church groups are scheduled to arrive for World Changers Dallas on Monday, and we are so excited! We can’t wait to see what God is going to do in and through all of the crews! This week, the Summer Staff and Coordinators are here and ready to serve! Here are their names, and a photo of the summer staff for this project.

(From left)

Audio Visual Techninja: Keenan Henry

Missions and Communications Specialist: Brookelyn Flatt

Office Manager/Team Leader:  Ashley Shaffer

Music Leader: Chris Weiner

Project Coordinator/Worship Speaker: Shawn Edwards

Construction Coordinators: Russel Hill

Associational Coordinator: Miranda Shue


Be sure to follow us on the World Changers website for more blog updates, photos, project videos, and prayer requests! Also, encourage your friends and loved ones at the project by sending them E-couragrams!


Thank you!

World Changers Dallas