This is not the end…it is the beginning!


As I sit here typing this, the students are putting the finishing touches on the homes that they have been working on this week. They’ve accomplished tasks that seemed too massive to complete when they first arrived. But more importantly, they were pulled out of their comfort zone this week, challenged to be the hands and feet of Christ to everyone they came in contact with. I’ve seen this first hand, heard more stories that I can post here, and been greatly encouraged and privileged to be a part of this week. This wonderful group has one last evening of worship together, a time to celebrate what God accomplished!
For those at home and those headed home in the morning, I challenge you not to let missions be something you do when you “go on a trip.” Let missions be your lifestyle! Let’s leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that we are here to be the hands and feet of Jesus!
Words often cannot adequately describe what takes place at a World Changers project. Thanks to our wonderful A/V, Molly Fly, we don’t have to rely on words along; we have a Project Cam to share with all of you! Check it out below!



Cold Won’t Stop Us!

It was a chilly 35 degrees when these students rolled out of bed this morning, but that did not slow us down one bit. We started the morning with biscuits and bacon – you just can’t go wrong with bacon! As soon as breakfast was over, we had the Great Send Off. During this time we prayed for the ministry that would be taking place today. As summer staff, we were able to make it out to all eight of our work sites. There has been a drastic change since work started on Monday. It is so encouraging – and it blows my mind – to see how much work these students can accomplish in just a few short days! The nine churches that arrived yesterday, hit the ground running, picking up right where the first groups left off.
We had “Why We’re Here” training last night where students were given time to share their story and the gospel with each other in preparation for sharing with homeowners and neighbors today. Be praying for opportunities for these students to share with the community here in Moss Point!
And remember, you can still send your students E-couragrams! Let’s encourage them as they go out again tomorrow morning to serve this community!

DSCN7970 DSCN7937 DSCN7935 DSCN7917 DSCN7892 DSCN7879

DSCN7863 DSCN7853









Here Comes Group #2!

 The first half of the week has wrapped up, and the second group has arrived! And they are…

  • Highland Baptist Church from Meridian, MS
  • First Baptist Church Lake from Lake, MS
  • First Baptist Church Raymond from Raymond, MS
  • First Baptist Church Corsicana from Corsicana, TX
  • First Baptist Church Rockport from Rockport, TX
  • Mt. Olive Baptist Church from Scurry, TX
  • First Baptist Church Canton from Canton, TX
  • Hope Baptist Church from Olive Branch, MS
  • Kirby Woods Baptist Church from Memphis, TN

 Great ministry was started by our first seven groups and will be continued by these nine groups. We continue to look forward to seeing the great things that God will accomplish through these students!

Check out this video from the first half of the week!


Working Hard All Day Long

Check out this lovely group! They have been putting in the hours these past two days. They were back up at 6am for breakfast and went back out to their worksites at 7am. Early mornings will not deter this group! This morning started of quite nice, but this afternoon the rain started falling, pouring actually. Not to worry though, there is plenty of inside work that these students willing jumped on.
Tonight is our last night of worship together. We will be taking up the missions offering during service tonight. This week our offering is going to Generation SEND. Generation SEND is a ministry of the North American Mission Board designed to immerse students into an urban context to gain a practical knowledge of the realities of church planting and urban ministry in a metropolitan area. This summer, NAMB will host 3 cities for the first Generation SEND experience in New York City, Portland and Atlanta.  The students who will participate this summer will be experiencing a variety ministry in the city while church planting leaders pour into their lives. At the end of the summer, the goal is for students to have a heart for the cities, a passion and working knowledge of church planting, a charge to mobilize their peers for the task, and to prayerfully consider planting a church in one of the great cities of North America. This is an opportunity for students to support students just a few years older than them that are pursuing the possibility of full-time missions. How cool is that!!

And They’re Off…!

Day one is officially underway. We kicked off this morning with the Great Send Off. During the Great Send Off, we – staff, students, and adults – all gather in a large circle in the parking lot to pray for the work that will be going on over the next few days. And then it is off to work we go! One hundred and thirty students and adults left for their worksites at 7:00am. The staff made it around to all of the sites today, taking pictures and video that the groups will be able to take home with them at the end of the week. We’ve got the evidence that these students didn’t waste any time getting to work, and they have been working really hard! Check out some of these photos from this morning:

DSCN7822 DSCN7795 DSCN7767 DSCN7745 DSCN7722












Welcome to Moss Point, Mississippi!!!

It is starting today – the first World Changers project of 2014! Moss Point, Mississippi is ready and waiting for the students to start pouring in. They will start arriving at 1:00pm today. Groups for the first half of the week are coming from Tennessee, Texas, and Mississippi. They are…

…Bartlett Hills Baptist Church from Bartlett, TN
…Pershing Park Baptist Church from Killeen, TX
…Crossroads Baptist Church from Corpus Christi, TX
…Petal Harvey Baptist Church from Petal, MS
…Mobberly Baptist Church from Longview, TX
…Neshoba Baptist Church from Union, MS
…First Baptist Church Round Rock from Round Rock, TX

The staff this week is excited to be here to serve these groups this week! Here they are:

Project Coordinator & Worship Speaker: LC Drawdy
Construction Coordinator: Mike Skelton
Office Manager: Kelly Inda
Music Leader: Michael Thomas
Audio/Visual Technician: Molly Fly
Missions and Communications Specialist: Maria Katz
Michael, Molly, Kelly, and Maria

Michael, Molly, Kelly, and Maria  -  We are pros at awkward photos!

Remember to get on here this week and send E-couragrams to the participants. They love getting the notes in their encouragram envelopes all week long. Let’s fill up their boxes!!!


Coming Really Soon!!

Twenty Fourteen has started off with a fast pace that hasn’t slowed down one bit here in the World Changers office. With all the cold weather we’ve been having, there has been one thing on our minds - Spring Break, of course! We’re not thinking about warmer weather or weekend camping trips; our thoughts are focused on the 300+ students who are taking their spring breaks and giving them in service to the community of Moss Point, Mississippi!


That’s right, folks, the first World Changers project of 2014 is only a week and a half away!


308 individuals from 17 churches in 3 different states coming together for 1 week!


Check out these pictures of the groups serving in Moss Point last year:

DSCN3197DSCN3192 DSCN3398DSCN3585DSCN3578DSCN3556DSCN3502 DSCN3487DSCN3461 DSCN3443 DSCN3368 DSCN3348 DSCN3328_2 DSCN3325_2 DSCN3277_2 DSCN3273_2 DSCN3254 DSCN3603 DSCN3224 DSCN3235





















I’ve been a summer staffer with World Changers for 4 years now. I’ve been to a few projects – 31 if I counted correctly. I always think that I know what will happen at a project, how God will show up and work. Well, I’ve been wrong, a lot. God shows up in mighty ways and blows my mind every time! So, here is to Moss Point, Mississippi and God doing “above and beyond all that we ask or think”! (Ephesians 3:20 HCSB)


Be in prayer with us…
…for the groups that are coming
…for the work that will be done
…for the homeowners and neighbors


Check back in with us here for more news about the project. During the project, we’ll have daily updates, keeping you informed on what these students are doing and how God is working! You’ll also be able to send notes of encouragement – E-COURAGRAMS – to the students during the project. Simply select Moss Point, MS from the 2014 Projects drop down list in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then click the “Send an E-COURAGRAM” link. They love getting these notes, so you really should send one…or two…or twenty!!