Tuesday in Winston!

Hey Friends and Family,

Tuesday here in Winston is coming to a close! It has been such an awesome day.

This morning we had our Great Send Off. We rounded up all our students in the parking lot, got them pumped up for the day, prayed for them, and sent them out to start working.



So today was the first day out on our sites. We are spread out all over Winston and the surrounding areas painting, building ramps, landscaping, and so much more. But we are here to do so much more than that. We want to use this construction work to share the love of  our Lord.




After a long day of work, we all gathered together for our Gathering service. Tonight was all about how Christ is pivotal for today. Alyse shared the second foundation for a life on mission, which is spiritual maturity. Then Craig shared with us from Colossians  3. He shared with us how important Christ is to our lives everyday.


It has been such a great day. God is already doing incredible things here. Please continue to pray and send your encouragement! Thanks Guys.

Intentional Building

Good Evening Family and Friends!

It has been an awesome day here at World Changers in Muncie. Today entailed a little bit of everything for the participants.

Starting off with prayer, our students went off to change the city of Muncie and in the process change the world. From siding to yard work and everything in between they were excited to get to work. These students are incredible!

The crew chiefs take their job very seriously too though! Take for instance the Toe Nails crew. Their crew chief makes an extra effort to use the building project to show the students analogies for living a life for the Lord. For example, today the Toe Nails put up siding on a house. The crew chief reminded the students that just like we need a solid foundation for siding, we also must have a solid foundation on Jesus.

Tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities! Please continue to pray for your loved ones, that they will have endurance and have opportunities to share the Hope of the world.


Is that a raccoon behind you!?

Toe Nails hard at work!

Toe Nails hard at work!


“Enter His gates with thanksgiving
and His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him and praise His name.” Psalm 100:4



A LOVE That Cannot be Measured!

Our God is a God of love, and He loves the people of Sugar Hill with a radical, unchanging, sacrificial love! We are so thankful for the opportunity to go out today and work on people’s homes in the name of Jesus, making a difference and showing and telling others about His love. A little rain this morning barely stopped our progress (it felt great anyway!) and by the afternoon everything was in full swing again. After a successful day one, who knows what else the Lord will do with 160 students out serving in His name! He wants to move with a relentless power and presence here in this city.

Tonight in worship we learned that Jesus is pivotal for our lives today. Not only is He concerned with our eternal destinies, but He also wants to be the center of our lives today. He wants to break us and change us and mold us daily into His servants as we throw off the things of our sinful nature and embrace the things of a Christ-like nature: love, purity, gentleness, and patience, just to name a few. Our relationship with Christ on earth is all about sanctification, becoming more like Him every day, embracing holiness. He is our source of strength. We rely on Him every day, every hour, every minute.

Below are some pictures from the day. Keep those prayers and encouragement coming!


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Let Us Rest

Sunday! The day we go to church, eat a hearty lunch, and take a nap until the football game comes on the television. At World Changers, we get the first two; but hey, it’s missions! Today all of the participants went with their crews to the churches that will be feeding them this coming week. We as staff accompanied a crew or two to church and you could just feel the whole church’s eagerness to serve our World Changers. They were itching to get into the kitchens and get lunches to these folks. Primarily, the World Changers will be working on or with churches in the Tampa Bay region, churches whom, without the help of the participants, wouldn’t be able to feasibly afford things like a new paint job. We are ready to give to this city the same love that is given to us from Christ Jesus. Be praying for everyone, for tomorrow, the real work begins!

tampa_01 tampa_02 tampa_03 tampa_04 tampa_05

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