10 Ways for Younger Women to Connect with Older Women

 Guest blogger Lauren Farmer, who serves as an Event Project Coordinator for LifeWay's Women’s Training and Events and helps leaders understand the life of a college age woman in this post today. This is a great post to forward to your young women as well!  A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to lead breakout sessions for college girls on the topic of preparing for life … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Question #17: Younger Women’s Team


 Recently at a YOU Lead women’s leadership training, we had a panel answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them  Today’s question is: Can you expand on a younger women’s team? How often do you meet? What kind of input and service do they for the women’s ministry? How does the meeting … [Read more...]

Helping Young Adult Women Find Purpose NOW


One of the issues that comes up over and over again is how to reach our young adult women. Several articles on this blog address this very topic, click here to read more.Here is another opportunity to involve your young adults (men and women) in finding purpose at a very creative and relevant event. They will hear from incredible men and women speakers and will be challenged to live out their … [Read more...]

FREE Friday Giveaway – sacred roads Bible Study

It's Friday again so you know what that means here on LifeWay Women Allaccess! This week's FREE Bible study kit is Sacred Roads: Exploring the Historic Paths of Discipleship by Heather Zempel. You may not be familiar with this study, and if not, please check it out! Sacred Roads is an invitation to discover how, throughout Christian history, people have explored what it means to be a … [Read more...]

The American Dream and Christianity Aren’t the Same Thing!

**This post written by Jen Hatmaker As a believer for 26 years, a full time church staff wife for thirteen years, after diligently serving the church my entire adult life, and after writing six Christian books for women, I thought I was done with entire life interruption for the kingdom. And yet... God enlisted me in the cause of my generation, the mission of His true church when I thought I … [Read more...]