4 Essential Elements for Young Adult Women’s Ministry


Okay, are you like most of the women's ministry leaders who are of the boomer generation, are you wondering why young adult women are sometimes not attracted to what you offer? Have you asked yourself, and your team, "how will we pass the baton of leadership and ministry to the next generation if they aren't involved now?" This is a question I, along with hundreds of other boomer … [Read more...]

10 Ways for Younger Women to Connect with Older Women

 Guest blogger Lauren Farmer, who serves as an Event Project Coordinator for LifeWay's Women’s Training and Events and helps leaders understand the life of a college age woman in this post today. This is a great post to forward to your young women as well!  A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to lead breakout sessions for college girls on the topic of preparing for life … [Read more...]