Women’s Leaders: Hypocrites or Disciples?


Last Sunday, my pastor David Landrith preached on Matthew 6 as part of his message series on the Sermon on the Mount. He gave such clear examples of the difference between the two that I wanted to share those here for us to consider as we lead women in our churches. Take a minute to read Matthew 6:1-5, 16-18.First my pastor shared the difference in the focus for these two groups. The focus for the … [Read more...]

Women and Weddings! Love it!


I recently attended a wedding for the daughter of some very close friends. It had to be one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever witnessed. The biggest concern of the bride and groom was that attendees worshiped and heard the Gospel. Having a preacher for a dad to help conduct the ceremony didn’t hurt either!  What was so special was how this dad talked about his handing over to the … [Read more...]

Connecting with the Twenty-Something Woman


Today’s post is written by Sarah Martin. I know you will be blessed and challenged by her great thoughts on reaching the young women of today:I invite you to take a moment to remember when you were in your twenties-let’s say...23 years old.  Maybe you were stepping out into the work force and anxious about launching your career.  Maybe you were seriously dating, but concerned … [Read more...]

Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild: For Women’s Leaders


FREE LifeWay Women VIDEO Web Cast  Women’s Lib. Feminism. And now, a generation of Girls Gone Wild. But the happiness that women desperately seek remains an elusive goal. Studies show that they are more dissatisfied than ever before. Mary Kassian will be joining host Chris Adams LIVE in this LifeWay Women’s VIDEO Webcast to discuss this topic's ministry … [Read more...]

Longing, Loss & life: Adoption & Women’s Ministry


When we think of adoption and the part women’s ministry plays in helping, there are many issues to consider. When my husband and I adopted in 1977, the main options we had were domestic, Caucasian because we were Caucasian and closed. Today there are so many kinds of adoption: domestic, international, open adoptions and embryo adoptions. Also, not all couples are young. Many are adopting … [Read more...]

Longing, Loss & Life: Miscarriage & Women’s Ministry


Miscarriage is not something I have personally experienced, but I watched my daughter as she lost her third pregnancy to miscarriage. Although she was not far along, she experienced a huge loss emotionally and physically. In our ministries with women, we need to be sensitive to the hurts associated with miscarriage and find effective ways to help women through this painful situation. Issues to … [Read more...]

Ministry Opportunities for Women


Read as our guest blogger, Linda Lesniewski, challenges us to lead the women in our churches, to reach outside the walls of the church to impact the kingdom.I’ve been amazed over the years to watch God at work as He raises up gifted women to teach and equip women in God’s Word. We are feasting at the banquet table when it comes to options and opportunities to gather with other women … [Read more...]

Life and Ministry Lessons for Women from the Back of a Motorcycle


Get ready to laugh, cringe, and learn from our  guest blogger and women’s ministry leader, Sheila West, as you read her post today.Listen as she teaches us from the "back of a motorcycle"...Technically, since I ride on a motorcycle behind my Honey (my husband) and I am a mother, I guess I could be called a "Motorcycle Mama." But before you conjure up an image of an … [Read more...]

I am Woman: God’s Masterpiece


The first time I ever felt like God “gave” me a life verse, I was on my first international missions trip to the Central American country of Belize.  After praying about it for almost three years, I knew without a doubt God had tapped me on the shoulder and said this was the time I was to go. Being married to a state trooper, my husband was not very excited about my going to a … [Read more...]

Shoot the Rabbit


Once again, our guest blogger is Karen Alexander-Doyel.Enjoy her words of encouragement…Yesterday a big, fat rabbit was eating some of my tomatoes.  As I was washing dishes after dinner, Jim came walking through the kitchen with a rifle in his hand.  I looked up and asked where he was going.  He told me the rabbit was in the garden and he was going to shoot the rabbit!  … [Read more...]