Judge & Jury


Our Guest blogger Margaret Kennedy, from Dothan, Alabama, is an author and the Founder of Threads of Hope Ministries, a speaking and writing ministry. I was convicted of my own issues with this topic as I read her message. I think you will be too. “Who died and made you judge and jury?”  A familiar phrase from years gone by? Jesus clearly answers the question for us when … [Read more...]

How do women’s leaders define success?

Becky Badry is our guest blogger today.As a leader, do you wonder whether what you are doing is working, or even in line with what God has created and called you to do? Read this blog post and see if you are “successful.”  Have you ever tried to define success? If so, maybe you felt like you were trying to hit a moving target. Common responses found in current surveys fall into … [Read more...]

Stretching Your Women’s Ministry Dollars in a Shrinking Economy


Today I am sharing a guest blog post from my friend Judy. I know you will be blessed by her message and by her “free” offer!  Keep reading….A few years ago while taking a Women’s ministry course at seminary, the research I did for a paper I was writing so astounded me that it prompted me to write a little book entitled Blessedly Budgeted Women’s Events … [Read more...]

Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild: For Women’s Leaders


FREE LifeWay Women VIDEO Web CastWomen’s Lib. Feminism. And now, a generation of Girls Gone Wild. But the happiness that women desperately seek remains an elusive goal. Studies show that they are more dissatisfied than ever before. Mary Kassian joined host Chris Adams LIVE in this LifeWay Women’s VIDEO Webcast to discuss this topic's ministry challenges and … [Read more...]

Times Are Changing


You have been blessed by guest  blogger Karen Alexander-Doyel several times.Karen is a writer for the Tennessee Baptist Convention Ministers’ Wives blog .She is a speaker and conference leader, former pastor’s wife, and LifeWay Ministry Multiplier from Lenoir City, TN. Karen was married to Dr. Douglas R. Alexander, former pastor of First Baptist Church, Lenoir City, Tennessee … [Read more...]

Women’s Leaders: Hypocrites or Disciples?


Last Sunday, my pastor David Landrith preached on Matthew 6 as part of his message series on the Sermon on the Mount. He gave such clear examples of the difference between the two that I wanted to share those here for us to consider as we lead women in our churches. Take a minute to read Matthew 6:1-5, 16-18.First my pastor shared the difference in the focus for these two groups. The focus for the … [Read more...]

Women and Weddings! Love it!


I recently attended a wedding for the daughter of some very close friends. It had to be one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever witnessed. The biggest concern of the bride and groom was that attendees worshiped and heard the Gospel. Having a preacher for a dad to help conduct the ceremony didn’t hurt either!  What was so special was how this dad talked about his handing over to the … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways to Welcome New Women


Have you ever joined a church and struggled to figure out where you fit?  I have and that was after serving on a church staff in another city for about 12 years. You’d think I would know how to fit in!  But it is not so eas, even for a leader.  If we do not find effective ways to get to know other women and get them engaged fully in church life, she may leave and find a place … [Read more...]

Ministry Opportunities for Women


Read as our guest blogger, Linda Lesniewski, challenges us to lead the women in our churches, to reach outside the walls of the church to impact the kingdom.I’ve been amazed over the years to watch God at work as He raises up gifted women to teach and equip women in God’s Word. We are feasting at the banquet table when it comes to options and opportunities to gather with other women … [Read more...]

Longing, Loss & Life: Infertility & Women’s Ministry


We deal with many issues and crises of women in women's ministry. One that has plagued our communities is infertility. Perhaps you have experienced it yourself. I did.  But it was what God used in my young married adult life to bring me into a deeper walk and total recommitment of my life to Him and His plans. For the first time, I learned what it means to totally trust God with something I … [Read more...]