The December Minister Monster in Women’s Ministry


This is such a timely message from guest blogger and women’s ministry leader ,Deb Douglas. Take each thought she shares to heart this December!  You will be blessed and you will bless others.   Last year’s December calendar still haunts me. A solid month with only one un-booked night turned me from Minister to Women to Minister Monster! Christmas season starts in … [Read more...]

Women “Pursuing” Ministry

At one of our YOU Lead training events, this question was asked of our Q/A panel: How do you balance “pursuing” ministry versus waiting for God to open ministry doors for you?” How would you answer that question yourself? For those I have walked closest with in ministry, there wasn’t a “pursuing” really.  There was a “following.”  For me … [Read more...]

Women’s Leaders…Prayer Precedes Planning!


Karen Finke formerly served as Director of Support Ministries at Noland Road Baptist Church in Independence, MO for just over 6 years. She is now a member of the church’s women's ministry team. Read about her first experiences as a women’s leader and what God taught her about prayer and planning.At the time of this writing, the entire LifeWay women's team is up to their cute little … [Read more...]

Scary Things in Women’s Ministry?

This weekend, lots of families celebrate fall harvest and others celebrate “scary” things! When you think of your ministry with women, what scares you?I can think of so many things I have feared in the past when I was faced with the calling of God to serve in women’s ministry and when I was faced with challenges I knew were way beyond my ability to handle.  Think for a … [Read more...]

My Garden


  Our guest blogger is Karen Alexander-Doyel.Karen is a writer for the Tennessee Baptist Convention Ministers’ Wives blog. She is a speaker and conference leader, former pastor’s wife, and LifeWay Ministry Multiplier from Lenoir City, TN. Karen was married to Dr. Douglas R. Alexander, former pastor of First Baptist Church in Lenoir City until his untimely death a few years … [Read more...]

Who Will YOU Journey With?

   Today’s guest blogger is Shirley Moses She is an author, Women’s Ministry Team Advisor at Hagerman Baptist Church in Sherman, Texas, and the Women's Ministry Consultant at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. She also serves currently as a LifeWay Ministry Multiplier, helping us train women’s ministry leaders across the country.Shirley contributed to our … [Read more...]

Difficult Father’s Day for Your Women?

We celebrate dads this next Sunday. For many women in our church, it’s a wonderful time of blessing for our fathers and husbands and for their role in the life of our children. I pray that is your experience and the experience of most of the women in your church. But, I am sure you know, that is not the case for some. Perhaps you are one of those whose dad was not a godly dad. Or perhaps he … [Read more...]

Planning for Women’s Ministry…What to do? What to do?

Now that you're thinking about the next semester in your women's ministry, let's not forget one of the most crucial elements: what your ladies want and need! Plan strategically, setting goals for where your leadership is trying to take women, but don't operate in isolation. You could plan some terrific things, but if you're not in touch with what women are looking for, you may not get good … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry and the Pastor’s Wife

One question we have gotten at our YOULead training event  is “What do you do when the pastor’s wife is not on board with the women’s ministry?” I have heard this many times before.  We would probably all love for our pastor’s wife to support and participate in what we are doing with women in the church.  But do we EXPECT it as a part of her role? I do … [Read more...]

Generations Dialogue for Women’s Leaders…Free Web Cast


Do you find as a leader that it is not always easy trying to reach women of all generations? Do your older women ever wonder what in the world the younger generation is doing and what will help them grow spiritually? Do your younger women ever say, “that’s my mama’s ministry and I want to create my own?”  It’s not easy seeking to reach women in at least 5 … [Read more...]