The Waiting Game for Women’s Leaders


Have you ever jumped the gun on a new ministry? How did it go? Read some lessons below from guest blogger Janet Peavyhouse and then personally answer the questions at the end. I know you will be challenged to re-think each “new” idea you face.How important is waiting on God’s timing in ministry? Many in leadership have found themselves on the rocks of disappointment because they … [Read more...]

WAIT…How does a women’s ministry leader do that?


  If you are like me, when you ask a question you want a quick answer. If you see a need, you want to meet it immediately. If you have a dream, you’d like to see it fulfilled now.  But how often in ministry (or your personal list) have you asked God for something and He just doesn’t seem to answer quickly? I really prefer doing ministry with all the details in place. … [Read more...]