The Valentine Curmudgeon


We are so excited today to introduce to one of our guest bloggers, Debbie Whisenant! We think you'll really enjoy her creative and fun writing style. Debbie is a Marketing Specialist at LifeWay and one incredible baker! A long-time pal and colleague and I have a long-running gag about Valentine’s. I love it. He hates it. With a vengeance. Not because he’s bitter about love. He’s enjoyed … [Read more...]

Is Love in the Air in your Women’s Ministry?…10 Ways to Show Love


This time of year everywhere you look you see pink, red, & white along with all kinds of hearts and cupids…candy, cards, flowers, and lots of “junk” you can buy for those you love.  SO, let’s turn that love focus toward the women in our church and in our local area of influence. Who are those women?  And which ones are hard to love? What do they look … [Read more...]

3rd Annual Single Galentine’s Day post…

.... may there not be 4th. Grin. I just read my posts from 2009 and 2010. They are somewhat perky. And what I wrote at the time was how I really felt. As you single gals (sin-gals) out there know, the temperature of this single woman thing is ever changing, from day to day, and year to year. I am waiting. By my count, I've been waiting awhile. But the question is who am I waiting on? The obvious … [Read more...]

Happy Gal-entines Day!!

This is my second annual Valentine's day entry from a single gal (sing-gal) perspective. I can blog every year on this because every year is different. Last year, I said this. This year I'm in a similar place, but still wondering when I might have a valentine and not lots of Galentines. Though I love my galentines and am so thankful for them. I have a fun dinner with them tonight. We are cooking … [Read more...]

Valentine’s day single? no problem…seriously

Yes gals, its true, you all may not have known it but I am one of few single gals on the LifeWay Women's team. I am in my early forties (i'm sure you are shocked at this, thinking I was probably 32). ;0) But alas...yes, i am 42 and loving it. So why do I say Valentine's Day single, no problem? Well, I rarely define myself as a 'single', primarily because I don't feel alone. I am in just one of … [Read more...]